Ex Files: Holiday Edition

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles

I’ve never had the pleasure (or horror) of having a break-up happen at the holidays. Being sad over an ex? Sure. But the actual breakup?

(This may not be a sign of anything other than the guys I’ve dated knew they wanted out way before there might have been holiday expectations!)

But, as we’re coming off a holiday weekend (happy thanksgiving, if you’re not stateside and this was just a weekend- happy weekend!) and we may all be in need of some entertainment. So, I’ve rounded up these holiday breakup stories! Let’s laugh, and be extra kind out there- you never know what someone is going through!

Holiday Breakups that are neither Merry nor Bright

I got dumped at Christmas


Ridculous Breakups

Maybe this holiday wasn’t what you wanted, maybe there was burnt food or not enough pie. Maybe your fave thing sold out at the Black Friday sales. But I bet you didn’t get dumped. So we have one thing to be thankful for (or maybe a great story to tell!)

Wishing us all a week of gratitude and amazing shoes!