Fall Clean Out

a woman in a blue satin shirt dress and red over the knee boots in a hallway

I know, I know. We chat about closet clean outs in one of two ways: January, when we all feel the need to start anew. Or spring. (Which is close to January!) when we all hear or chat or talk “spring cleaning”.

And I think all of those close cleanings are super valid. To be fair- any time you take to deep clean or clean out your closet is valid. And yet-

Why don’t we chat about a fall clean out? It’s just as needed! From closets (there is a hug clean out from warm weather clothes to cold weather clothes) to cleaning (yes, clean now!)
Maybe it doesn’t sound as sexy or trendy- but I think it’s as necessary.
So this week I’m taking the time to not only clean out my closet: see here, here, here, here, and here.

Point being – now is a great time to go through your closet. Switch out from summer to fall

Maybe there’s nothing you want to get rid of. And yet it’s a great time to: clean all suits, coats, and jeans.See here, here, and

Or perhaps you’re into a new coat (and who could blame you!) Some of my new faves:

At the end of this week I’ll be sharing my fall wishlist – from suits to dresses to coats and more. This week I’ll also be spending some time in my closet seeing what I should let go of in my closet, what I should add, and what I need to mend/clean/replace/etc- and of course I will share that with you.

We’re at the start of a new season (and yet I know that the temps won’t show it automatically!) but I have a firm belief that perhaps fall is a bit like “if you build it, it will come”. Which for us means” let’s get the sweats and coats and more and make sure our closets are ready. The cool weather will come!

I can’t wait to share my wishlists and my fall fashion with you. What are you looking forward to in the new season that’s coming?