Spring Sales

The days are longer, it’s beginning to warm up, and we have a new season to shop for–Happy Spring!!

We chatted last week about the spring trends that we’re being offered (refresh here). And yes, florals (in a sense) are on the list. Today? We’re offered our first spring sales. While it is a chance to stock up on winter items for next year, it’s also a chance to get ahead on this season.

And if you’re in a place where winter is throwing its last fit? Shop online. Drink wine. We’re with you in spirit. I’m also a firm believer in the “If you wear it, Spring will come” theory. You might as well test it out!

The best spring sales of the week!

Get an extra 25% certain sales styles. There are some cold weather options, but there is so much for Spring on Sale! Get my picks:

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Get 10% off sitewide with code STYLE10 . This means that EVERYTHING is on sale and you don’t want to miss out! From sale items to new items, you can get whatever your heart desires. Here are a few of my desires:

We’re on the last day of a 2 day Spring Sale here! Get an extra 40% Orr all sale styles! A great chance to get all the things on your spring list!
My picks:

and there are so many more sales out there!

Till 3/23 at My Theresa, MyTheresa, get an extra 30% off all sale, no code needed.
At Target (Target), get 20% off of the Kitchen Selection and 25% off of furniture till 3/24.
Bloomingdales?(Bloomingdales.com), Loyalists take $25 off when you spend $125-$249.99, $50 off when you spend $250-$499.99, $125 off when you spend $500-$999.99, $300 off when you spend $1000-$1999.99, and $600 off when you spend $2000 or more. Plus you can earn triple points!

I’d love to know: where are you Spring Sale shopping?


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Chanel Means Never Having to say “I’m Sorry”

Investment Piece: Chanel means never having to say "I'm Sorry"
Investment Piece: Chanel Means Never Having to say "I'm Sorry"
Investment Piece: Chanel Means Never Having to Say "I'm Sorry"

That’s the saying, right? “Chanel means never having to say “I’m sorry”.

Or is it: Flowers say I’m sorry, Chanel says I’ve learned my lesson?

Maybe the moral is just Chanel is always a good plan.

Let’s level with each other, Chanel is one of those iconic high end designers that says so much in the name. It’s often a goal or a standard for the fashion set, and Chanel is often used to convey high fashion and society all at the same time.

I’m not always one for cliches. But the thing about cliches? Sometimes they are true. And Chanel? There’s something special about it: the bags, the clothes, the shoes. I’ve even broken one of my “rules” for Chanel, I’ve worn an outfit that’s Chanel head to toe, and it still feels fresh and modern. That’s the beauty of Chanel, the vintage pieces (this skirt) feel timeless and while it’s high end classics, the pieces feel on trend (socks and heels)!

And I lied -the t-shirt isn’t from Chanel. It’s from Target. So it’s not head to toe Chanel. But, you get it.

Investment Piece: Chanel Means Never Having to say "I'm Sorry"
Investment Piece: Chanel Means Never Having to say I'm Sorry
Investment Piece, fashion, blogger, high fashion,

Maybe the real meaning behind “Chanel means never having to say “I’m Sorry”, is that you shouldn’t say sorry for wanting Chanel.

Confession? I’ve only ever bought Chanel in vintage or resell shops. It’s still Chanel though, and it’s still magical. These boots? Runway that I lusted after, I’ve always loved the idea of socks with heels (see one of my first posts and an update here), and knew that I had to have these Chanel boots. Alas, when they were released, I couldn’t afford them. What they don’t tell you is that part of fashion is patience, and I stalked and found these sock boots on eBay. Good things sometimes come to those who seek them out.

This skirt? Vintage, and let’s not go into how magical vintage Chanel suits are; we’ll be here all day. But they are. And while they are some of the fashion that appreciates with age, you can find affordable Chanel (vintage and newer) on resell sites, this skirt is from Vestiaire Collective. I love that it’s classic, timeless, and still feels modern. I’ve worn it with Blazers, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and button ups. There is no wrong way to wear Chanel.

But, is there a thing as too much Chanel? As I’ve said before, I usually avoid wearing head to toe designer. It can feel stale. I think it’s so modern to mix-low and high, old and new, etc. Here? I couldn’t resist. I love wearing these sock boots with skirts. I love this skirt. Is it too much? Could you argue that a little break up would be more fresh?

Sure. But, Chanel means never having to say “I”m sorry”. And I won’t say I’m sorry for this outfit.

What do you think?

I’ve linked so much vintage Chanel that may be in your price range. (Including these Chanel boots in black-under $500!) It’s well worth the investment and can make any day magical. I recommend it. And don’t say sorry!


Another one of my favorite resale sites:

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Investment Piece: Chanel means never having to say I'm sorry

A Little Sparkle

Investment Piece: A Little Sparkle
Investment Piece: A Little Sparkle
Investment Piece: A Little Sparkle

There’s a saying: “She leaves a little sparkle where ever she goes”. We tend to think about it around the holidays, when there’s a little bit of sparkle everywhere. Remember this past season when glitter shoes/boots were so “in”?

Well, who says that a little sparkle only applies to the holiday season? Who says that all black can’t shine? What if any old day, even a Monday, called for a little sparkle?

In my world, a little sparkle isn’t a “thing to save for a rainy day”, but something to embrace whenever you want. I think a little sparkle makes this outfit perfect (though those flares are pretty special too).

Investment Piece: A Little Sparkle
Investment Piece: A Little Sparkle
Investment Piece: A Little Sparkle

Glitter or rhinestone or whatever you care to call sparkle shoes can be a bit overwhelming. Do you make them the center of your outfit? Blend them in? I know there can be a concern that sparkle shoes are just a bit too much. My take? All of the above. I love making any statement shoe the cornerstone of an outfit, and sparkle will do. How to avoid going over the top? Pick a sparkle that’s right for you, not every glitter has to be big. These kitten heels? The perfect amount of sparkle that could go with anything; and yet, the kitten heel here gives the sparkle an air of subtlety. Win/Win?

We know I have a thing for all black. I don’t think that all black is boring, or has to be the same old same old. These crop flare jeans are quickly becoming my go-to for when I need a pick me up, or my outfit does. The black keeps them classic, but the flare is fun, and perfect for a party. Speaking of perfect, the jean’ so “name” is the Cha-Cha. It’s the little things that make me happy. Paired with a slightly sheer shirt, this look is spot on for date nights, or any night out. However, with a top that’s a little more solid, this look (sparkle shoes included) is perfect for work, or a night out.

Maybe the moral, even for a Monday, is: You can’t go wrong with all black. And every outfit can use a pair of sparkle shoes.

A little Sparkle might not solve all the problems of the world, but it helps. Right?

I’ve linked similar shoes and these jeans below!
Happy sparkles!

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Investment Piece: A Little Sparkle

Kimono Week: #Golden

Investment Piece: #golden
Investment Piece: #golden
Investment Piece: #golden

Are you a little sad that kimono week is coming to a close? I am. Though I do have these amazing pictures of all the kimonos I was lucky enough to style to remind me of the fun we’ve had.

And ending kimono week? It’s on a #golden note. This was the kimono was most excited about! Not that I didn’t love cheetah, and we all know that the #nakedtux is one of the most stunning things I’ve styled. But this #golden kimono? I love it’s juxtapositions.

It’s a kimono, but structured. Technically, it’s a man’s jacket–it screams smoking jacket to me! But since when can’t we women play in men’s clothes? The #golden material is a standout, but the jacket is very subtle. You could dress the jacket up by wearing it over a silk skirt or dress. Or, you could dress it down with jeans and boots.

Me? Have I mentioned that I love the smoking jacket look? There’s just something sophisticated and relaxed about it. You could wear it to lounge, or to any business casual meeting. Here I couldn’t resist pairing this #golden number with stirrup pants and mules. I like to think it is the perfect combination of structure and ease; and hopefully, would look at home in any leather bound library. (Sometimes my visions are very specific)

Investment Piece: #golden
Investment Piece: Rita Ghanime, MAde with Love Kimonos
Investment Piece; #golden

And yes, in certain lights this #golden looks almost green. It even looks almost snakeskin like. All these juxatipositons, I love them!

The sleeves, the slits, the changing color, there’s not a lot that I don’t love about this #golden kimono. And most of all? I love that it’s feminine and masculine all at the same time. I think a piece like this would be great on any woman or man. Which means that maybe the most important question to consider about this #golden kimono is: do you have to share?

I’ve heard that the secret to happy marriages is your own bathroom and closet; should we add kimono to the list?

Again, check out RGKimono to get your own kimono (and there are so many to chose from!). Use code “Rachel” to take 10% off!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed kimono week as much as I have!!

I’ve linked more shopping for your pleasure below, if you’re lounging or working or out on the town I hope that you have a great weekend!


Rent The Runway

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Investment Piece: #golden

Kimono Week: Shopping RGKimono

Investment Piece: Kimono Shopping

All week we’ve been chatting about Rita Ghanime’s Made with Love Kimonos. (Lucky you, we still have one more day of kimono week!) By now, you know about Rita’s process, her intentions, and seen how I styled some of the styles Rita has to offer. You may be asking yourself: how do I get my hands on one of these amazing kimonos? Even luckier you, I have your back!

The easiest way to get your hands on a Made With Love kimono (in everything from sequins to silk to velvet) is to visit RGKIMONO. Luckiest news? Use code “Rachel” to get 10% off of your order!

Investment Piece: #cheetah

But, let’s say that online kimonos aren’t your thing. I respect that, I love online shopping but get that sometimes you want to feel/see/experience a piece in person. And these kimonos are worth the face to face. How would you shop Rita that way? Again, lucky you, I have you covered.

If you’re in the LA area, Rita often has events and pop-ups so that you can get your hands on a great kimono. The best way to keep up with events and all things Rita? RGKimono Events.
I met Rita at a pop up, and fell in love with her #nakedtux there, so I highly recommend this method of shopping.

And let’s say when you looked online, or at a pop-up, you fell in love with Rita’s kimonos, but the exact one you want wasn’t there. Great news! You can order a special or custom kimono through Rita!

As Rita will tell you:
Le ‘Kimono’: A Mode de Vie…
Kimonos robes are simple in structure yet ever-so-elegant in the way the fabric drapes over a body. The Kimono is the quintessential piece in the modern bohemian’s wardrobe for home lounging, day-tripping and night-crawling.

“I approach the creation of each Kimono as an extension of my own personal spiritual practice that connects to the intentions of the specific Kimono recipient . I weave intention and love into every stitch. Fashion is my artistic expression, but the connection to each person I create something for, is what truly moves me. “- Rita Ghanime
*It is important to note that all items are made to measure and custom created for each client. Fabrics shown are limited thus availability pending confirmation. Fabric sourcing for new textiles is constant and requests for specific direction is welcome. Please see the ‘Fabric Lookbook section for more selections.

Investment Piece: Kimono Week: Shopping RGKimono

There’s no wrong way to shop RGKimono. I hope that you fall in love with these stunning creations like I did! Don’t forget-the code “Rachel” gets you 10% off!

Happy Shopping!

Kimono Week: #NakedTux

Investment Piece: #NakedTux

Another day, another kimono. At least that’s the story here on kimono week! I know that I’m not supposed to play favorites, but this #nakedtux may be my favorite. Rita approached me about shooting this sequin number (yes, it changes color when you rub the sequins) and playing up the naked aspect. Usually the thought of a shoot like this would have me dieting for weeks and being a tad bit nervous. However, with a jacket this gorgeous (and it comes in other colors!) I couldn’t resist.

Also: just because it’s a #nakedtux doesn’t mean you have to be naked!

Investment Piece:#nakedtux
Investment Piece: #nakedtux
Investment Piece: #nakedtux
Investment Piece: #nakedtux
Investment Piece: #nakedtux
Investment Piece:#nakedtux

Another #nakedtux confession? This was one of those shoots where it as difficult to choose the pics, they were all that good!

Rita designed these sequined kimonos with luxury in mind. The sequins are reversible, the length is super chic, and they are perfect for both nights out or nights in! It’s lined in satin and gives an update to a
“traditional” tux jacket. What I love? The #nakedtux is sophisticated, yet subtle. It’s so easy with pieces like this one to let it be the center point of your outfit, and why wouldn’t you? Sequins would look great with a tank and jeans, over a dress, with pants, open, or pinned shut to wear as a top. It’s possible to take the #nakedtux and make it very clothed, this would even looks amazing over a turtleneck. I can’t think of a way to wear this number that wouldn’t look amazing.

But maybe you want to take the #nakedtux seriously and wear it naked? Or hint at being naked? #nakedtux has you covered. Over how you little you dare at home, the #nakedtux would make any proper lay in seem like a red carpet event. And, for sake of argument, let’s say you have a red carpet event. I love the #nakedtux over silk pants like these crops, and left open (double sided tape makes sure that you don’t share more than you intend to), finish the look with heels and a choker- and the look, while naked, is stunning.

You can get your own #nakedtux at RGKimono. And that’s not the best part! Use the code “Rachel” for 10% off of your purchase with Rita!

I’ve linked the rest of the outfit details below. How would you rock the #nakedtux?

90% off luxury consignment

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Investment Piece: #nakedtux

Spring 2018 Trends

Investment Piece: Gown so Good

Florals for Spring. Groundbreaking.

Just like that joke that never gets old, every Spring we get offered trends that we can opt to embrace (to any extent) or reject (to any extent). There are times when the spring trends can feel very recycled and very cliche-florals anyone? Yet sometimes, even if the trend is “done”, it can feel new and exciting. The following is by no means a final list of Spring 2018 Trends (notables I left off: Americana, High End Denim, Fringe, and Florals) but these are the spring trends that I’ve loved (and already seen in stores). I’d love to know: What Spring Trends do you love?

From sheer clothes to transparent shoes to tulle layers, there’s something sheer in the spring air.
Investment Piece: Spring 2018 Trends

I’ve always loved a little sheer in my fashion (see here) but this season what I’m really falling for is not just the sheer silks and chiffons, but the transparent plastic that’s a spring trend.

For example these boots I’m lusting after:

You can also find PVC and plastic in parkas, bags, tops, and pants. Sheer for days for Spring 2018.

Saturated Colors and Pastels
Sometimes Spring trends run to different ends of the spectrum.
Investment Piece: Spring Trends 2018
Pink was big all last year, so it should come as no surprise that this season more colors are getting in on the trends. From lavender to soft blues and greens, there’s a pastel for every whim. My favorite part? These aren’t Easter Egg Pastels, but pastels that are so sophisticated you won’t care how soft the colors on.

But if you need more pop?
Investment Piece: Spring Trends 2018
Saturated Color is also on trend for Spring 2018. From deep hues to almost neon, there’s a bright color for you (again in the most sophisticated cuts and shapes).

On Trend: There’s a color for your mood?

Mixing Prints
On the Spring Runways this was especially true for plaids. But plaids and stripes. Stripes and Florals. Dots and Graphics. If it mixes, it’s chic to wear it. (My tip: simply match a background color or play with size of patterns if you’re a bit uncomfortable with this spring trend).

Turns out I was ahead of the curve:
Investment Piece: Polka Dots as a Neutral
And I love this look of mixed plaids:
Investment Piece: Spring Trends 2018

Investment Piece: Spring Trends 2018
As someone who loves to wear “day” sequins I love this spring trend. From sequins to satin to sateen, the runways were full of shine. Why can’t your spring be?

See anything you like? My favorite part about Spring Trends is that there’s always a way to wear what you have and still be on trend; and yet, trends are away an excuse to go shopping. Where do you fall this season?

I’ve linked some of my favorite items that are are trend for Spring 2018. And of course will update you about what I buy!

Happy Shopping!

Sales Break

#InvestmentPiece #colorblocking #inthewild

Loves! The sun came out this week, which has breathed new life into my spirit, and into my fashion! There’s something a little more fun about putting together outfits when you aren’t freezing. (Next fall when I’m dying to style sweaters you are more than welcome to remind me of this statement.)

But we’re right on the cusp of a new season: winter is slowly starting to thaw and spring is slowly starting to bloom. What does that mean for our fashion? Sales! (Kids get spring break, we get sales breaks. Maybe it evens out?)

This is a great time of year to stock up for next winter (hard to think about, but smart shopping). And a great time of year to stock up for spring (with strategic sale shopping). What to buy? Where to shop? Lucky for you, I got you covered! Shop my picks below from some of the biggest sales/smartest picks from this sales break!

The new spring collection at Jcrew is dreamy, and the winter sale is to die for; and there’s more! Take 30% off your order, meaning you can shop ahead and for now and you can’t beat that!

Nordstrom Rack
A Collection of basics that are perfect for transition weather! And all at sales break prices!

Saks Fifth Avenue
For “Sales Break” (yes, we’re just rolling with it), Saks has some basics, and some party dresses to carry you through your spring commitments (or to save for next season!).

A Little Bit of Everything
From here and there, a round up of great sweaters, dresses, skirts, etc that are perfect for spring, but you can pull out next fall!

What are you shopping for this sales break? I hope you find it, and that it’s just as fulfilling as a Spring Break!


Rent The Runway

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#InvestmentPiece #holidaygreen

The Fairest of Them All // Polka Dots are a Neutral

Investment Piece: Polka Dots as a Neutral
Investment Piece: Polka Dots as a Neutral
Investment Piece: Polka Dots as a Neutral
Investment Piece: Polka Dots as a Neutral

Once upon a time…

We all know how the story goes. And maybe we don’t love fairy tales (but I do), you can’t argue that they stick! Or as Albert Einstein said “fairy tales make us intelligent and let us know that dragons can be slayed”. I paraphrased. I also may have combined some quotes, but the meaning is the same. Fairy tales speak to us, and I know I (personally) can’t help but go back to them over and over again. Who doesn’t want to be the fairest of them all?

We know that I love a great graphic tee. And now, you know that I love fairy tales. So, I couldn’t resist the combination of the two. A graphic tee that tells a classic story? Maybe that’s the fairest of them all.

But wanna know a secret? Sleeping Beauty is my favorite.

Investment Piece: Polka Dots as a Neutral
Investment Piece: Polka Dots as a Neutral
Investment Piece: Polka Dots as a Neutral

I tell you that many things are a neutral. Including leopard, actual neutrals, and other patterns. Now, I’m about to tell you that polka dots are a neutral. Am I lying? OR (hear me out) am I bringing your awareness to the next level?

Personally, I think it’s the second option. Polka Dots are a neutral.

Don’t believe me? Think about it, most polka dots are in shades of neutral, and are a bit subtle. (This statement may not apply to sequin, neon polka dots, but every theory has an outlier.) So, why not pair them with anything? Here, they go great with this graphic tee (and yes, see above for a fairy tale). The secret? Just match some of the base colors. Or don’t, and see what happens.

But, let’s think about it–is there something that wouldn’t go with a great polka dot?

I couldn’t think of anything. Graphic tee, blouses, stripes–they all go with a polka dot. And I love the combination. After all, the more neutral we have, the more options we have, right?

I’ve linked similar items below. And for you- how do you feel about fairy tales? And being the fairest of them all? Polka dots as a neutral?

It’s lot, right? Or is it?


Rent The Runway

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Investment Piece: Polka Dots as a Neutral

How to Make it Your Own

Investment Piece: How to Make it Your Own
Investment Piece: How to Make it Your Own
Investment Piece: How to make it your own

One of the most often used phrases in fashion? Just make it your own!

But, how do you make it your own? What does that even mean?

Cause we’re all smart. We get that the “idea” is to take the fashion that we’re offered 4 or so times a year and make our own style out of that. But, again, how?

Does that simply mean wear what you like, what makes you feel good, what fits your life? What if there’s more to it than that?

What if in the “how to to make it your own” conversation, it was a little about choosing what looks great on you and makes you feel good, and we also have the freedom to change things into what we really want.

Investment Piece: how to make it your own
Investment Piece: How to Make it your own
Investment Piece: How to make it your Own
Investment Piece: How to make it your Own

How to make it your own:

We know that I love kimonos (and all things PJ dressing and the like). But, who says I have to wear a kimono just like everyone else?

Step 1 to make it my own:
Wear it backwards. (Actually, this works with so many pieces). Here, I love how the collar comes up high and it looks like a mock turtleneck. And because it’s backwards, the back is now open! And how great is that?!? A little structured, a little sexy, a little making it my own.

Step 2 to make it my own:
I slit the sides. You know, because a bare back wasn’t enough. How? I simply cut along the seam on the side (on this kimono there was an extra wide inset, so I simply removed it. Depending on what you’re cutting (as I am a fan of making things your own) the seam will vary. Cut as you see fit). I just thought that this short little jacket would look great with a little movement on the sides. I think I’m right.

And I love it balanced with the flares.

And it still looks great forwards (and as a robe!)

The moral? Making something your own is something you should try. And if you have to alter something to make it your own, I’m a fan. There’s nothing wrong with that! The best news about making something your own? It will work in all the ways you want it to, and isn’t that the point?

This kimono is vintage (the jeans are not), and I’ve linked similar pieces below. Go out and make them your own!


Investment Piece: How to make it your own
Make it your own