Sunday Chronicles: Fear

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles: Fear

Loves, it’s tough out there right now. There’s a good chance that you, or someone you know, are scared and worried about the COVID-19 virus and its impacts on our lives. I’m a fashion blogger and this not a medical blog. Please trust the medical professionals, take precautions, wash your hands, be kind, and let’s take care of the most vulnerable in our herds.

That being said, when we’re scared it can be hard, fear makes us do crazy things. People are stocking up on things like soap and hand sanitizer. Companies asking employees to work from home. Huge events are being canceled. For the record, I’m a fan of us all being cautious. I would rather events be put on hold and people be safe rather than events happen and people get sick. I’m a fan of protecting the herd. But I also know that caution can be fear driven and not fact driven.

So, what do we do?

Loves, I’m not sure. Again, I push us all to heed caution and take the health officials recommendations seriously. To balance living our lives (which we should! Dress fabulously! Shop! Hang out safely! Tip well! Order in Chinese Food!) and taking this pandemic as seriously as we should (don’t go out unnecessarily, wash those hands! Avoid crowds! Stay home and binge watch!).And I don’t have the answers.

What am I doing? Trying to support the people I can- calling my elderly friends, checking in on family. I’m also attempting to shop from local and indie stores. Everytime you shop here I appreciate it, as a small business owner. I’m attempting to pay that forward, shopping small, local, being aware that not only our health but people’s livelihood might be on the line. Then I’m avoiding gatherings that aren’t 100% needed. Staying in, resting, taking care all sound good right now, so I’m leaning into that. I’m also assessing and reassessing with every new release of information, etc. I’m trying to balance it all, and like us all, doing my best not to let my fears dictate anything.

What I truly believe this is a time to be kind to each other. We need each other- to help, to keep each other safe, to work together. Let’s do that. Let’s be kind, offer the best of us. We may all be scared, but let’s act like our best selves. We may all be a little (or a lot) anxious (I am), but being kind may be the perfect rememdy to the fear we have right now.

Wishing us all a week of fearless kindness and amazing shoes!