Sunday Chronicles: Cleaning Our Closets

Yet another season has started, and I completed another closet clean out. Every single one feels like the first. There are things I can part with, things I can’t, and things I’m slowly moving towards letting go of–a lot like the rest of my life. Each time I clean out, I think back to things like this. So, I’m re-sharing for all of us who may need it!

I clean out my closet. A lot. I feel like we talk about it. A lot.

And I’m not sure what that says about me. I’m fascinated by what we have in our closets. Closets are such a personal thing. The stories that they hold, the things that we keep–part of why I started my series about fashion stories (see here, here, and here). It’s no secret that my closet is vast, I collect vintage (and other things), view fashion as art, and am a firm believer that we should hang on to the things that bring us joy (even if they aren’t every-day wear).

However, every time I clean out my closet I have this fantasy of going minimalist. I’m convinced I’m going to get rid of SO MUCH. There are clean out theories I subscribe to, that I’ve given you, and I agree that things not being used don’t really have a place in our homes.

Then, I go through my clothes. My babies. And there are things I just can’t part with.

I came across this on Instagram recently:

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles
Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles

(I would love to get credit for this. It clearly isn’t me. Yet–I loved it scrolling in the wee hours when I hadn’t quite woken up yet, but was somehow online. Yes. All of that. I haven’t been able to locate it in my likes or my feed–if you know this genius, please let me know and I will credit them!)

I love this take on the practice of cleaning our closets. There are some things that I WHOLE heartedly agree with: don’t settle for OK, hold out for the best, get rid of things that don’t showcase your best self, etc.

But. There are things that I’m not fully committed to. I think holding onto anything that brings you joy is valid. I think we do have items that are not wholly our every day lives in our closets, but I think that lets us explore things.

This little message really stuck with me. So I made us a video about it:

(Also, YouTube and I may be in a fight for that image being the saved one)

I’d love to know your thoughts on all this. If we want to clean out our closets, why can’t we get rid of stuff?

Wishing us all a week of only the best and amazing shoes! Xo RA

Sunday Chronicles: Fall Bucket List

Investment Piece: Fall Bucket List

Some things that I’ve been thinking about since the calendar flipped over to October:

-we’re down to the last 90 days of 2019. Which just seems crazy! What is it that I want to accomplish in the last quarter? What will put me in the best position for 2020?

– Is basic or non-basic to say that I’m not really a PSL gal? Pumpkin? Yes, if we’re talking breads or muffins, or the real things. I’m just not one for flavoring my coffee with it. Or my popcorn. Or every thing else in my life. Why can’t we embrace fall flavors without going nutty about it?

The first question I’m still contemplating. The second I’m over, and will let every one else get PSL while I drink wine. (Imagine the winky face emoji right here)

But it is the time that I start thinking about my fall bucket list. I make one for every season, and while some are specific and some are rather general, I love going into a season with a sense of what I want to do. I’ve found time and time again that if I don’t make time in my life, I don’t have the time, so I’m a big fan of scheduling big things, and then trying to be spontaneous with little things.

And with that, these are things that I’m dying to experience this season:

– A Girls’ trip. Well, more than one. There are a few amazing women who are like family to me, and it’s been way too long since I’ve had some quality time with them.

-A seasonal outing. These seem so cliche, but apple picking or pumpkin patching are calling my name. I think it’s due to the fact that I don’t live in places where there is a ton of traditional fall weather and these activities feel like fall.

– A bonfire. Romantic and seasonal, all at the same time.

– Closet Cleanout and a deep clean (this is already mostly done!)

– A review of my career goals with strategies. So often I feel like we let the year wind down, I want to go out strong, and ring in the new year ahead.

-Gratitude. Every season, in its way, is a season of want. I really want to reconnect with my sense of gratitude, because really we are so so rich. Journaling, therapy, gratitude lists, bring it all on.

What am I missing? What else must I do this season? What are you doing this season?

Wishing us all a week of fall weather and amazing shoes! XO RA

Sunday Chronicles: Last Day of Summer/Transitions

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles

Loves, this is it. It’s the official last day of summer. I know, I know, with Labor Day and school starting, it always feels like the “end of summer” starts early and last forever, but this IS it. I hope that you had the best time and got the pool/beach/sand/friend/lazy/hot times that you wanted and needed. I hope that you’re excited for fall and sweaters/crisp air/cider/friend/leaves/cool times. Is it possible to love both seasons? I do.

In the coming days when we have our last (hopefully!) HOT days and the first hits of cool air, I think there’s a way to appreciate both. And love the transition.

Every time the season changes, I can’t help but think about endings and beginnings and transitions. I think about how there is magic in the transitions, that’s when it all happens. In fashion, resort and transision wear are usually my favorite. I love how that “season” combines the best of what surrounds it, I love the creativity, I love how there is a feeling that you can just make things work. In spin class, we’re often told to embrace the transition. That when you’re in a dark room, in the middle of workout and having to step into silence, adjusting your resistance, etc as you go, that you can only choose to trust yourself and go.

About now you might be thinking that in real life I’m a pro at changes and transitions. I’m not. But I long to be, and I’m working at it.

So, today on this last day of summer, and tomorrow on the first day of fall, I’m looking to embrace the transition. I plan on being ok with days that start in a sweater and end in a swimsuit. To enjoy the last days of heat and get excited about what’s coming. Look back at summer and take away the lessons I need, and make plans for the best fall.

And on this last day of summer, at some point, you might just find me on the water with some rose’ waving goodbye to the season.

Wishing us a week of good transitions and amazing shoes! XO RA

Sunday Chronicles: Ready for Football


Fall is coming and I love it for many reasons–the cooler weather, the holidays, and football. You may have caught on that I’m a big football fan, I was raised on it and come from a long line of men and women who love football and have made watching it an almost religious experience. However, there are times when being a female football fan isn’t easy.

Even if you’re not a football fan you can’t help but notice that both the NFL and the College system have issues with domestic abuse, rape, and the handling of the men who commit these crimes. Being a female who believes that there is no excuse for this behavior and someone who is a huge fan of the sport it often leaves me in a difficult position. I don’t have answers. I’m a Cowboys fan and I hate that we signed Greg Hardy. Jerry Jones wouldn’t take my calls about that issue. Recently in my college team’s conference a young man with a known history of violence transferred to a school where he subsequently raped a young woman–I believe the coach and school should be held accountable. But I love the sport. As much I want the men who commit crimes off the field–I love watching the game. It is a hard line to balance that I sometimes struggle with–and again I don’t know that I handle well. My thoughts below are not meant to diminish the seriousness of the issues with women in the NFL or a sign that I ignore them. I simply don’t have the words. Here and here are articles about the situation if you care to read. I’m also well aware of some of the race/kneeling issues in the sport. I don’t know that it’s my place to speak (and there are so many people who can speak on those issues better than I can), but I think people using their platform is amazing. And we should all be on the side of equality.
Now to things I can speak to.
More than once I’ve said I love juxatipositons. And I do. I’m an artist, fashionista, and a football fan. My turn-ons involve both opera and action movies. I think that we’re all complicated and no interest makes you dumb. Not only does this mantra apply to fashion but to football. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is as a woman to tell people you love football and have people assume that you’re saying that to be attractive to a guy (not true). Or that you really don’t know what you’re talking about–ask me my opinion on the 4-3 defense. Or that you use football as social time–ask me questions or try to have a deep conversation during a game and see how well that works for you. Or that most of the gear for women involves sequins and pink–yes, NFL I’m looking at you, and yes it’s getting better, but I’m a fan, not a Barbie. So yes, I am passionate about it. But that doesn’t mean I will shove it down your throats (I swear, even though I’m so excited for this season!)

I can tell you that if you want football rantings following me on twitter @adeliciamorris is a place to get them. And that every Friday my college team (TCU) has “Go Purple Friday” and every Friday on my instagram I will be sharing my purple. Most of the time it looks like this:
as I sometimes interpret the day as “wear amazing purple shoes day”!
I do hope that if you celebrate the season or not that the following weeks go your way (unless you’re rooting against my teams) and again I promise not to make this page football central.

Hope this week brings amazing beginnings and even better shoes! XO RA

Sunday Chronicles: Back on The Grind

Investment Piece: Back on the Grind

Confession: I don’t have kids, and no one in my inner circle works for a school (at any level). Though I did used to own a tutoring company, and my mom was a college professor/dean for a lot of my life. But now, I’m not tied to the school year schedule.

And yet, I can’t help but fell like my life is still ruled by it. And now that school has started, no matter where you live, it’s plain to see that we’re back on the grind.

Maybe it’s that there is such a delineation between summer and fall that happens around the school year. We go from a more lax schedule to a more rigorous one. Maybe we’re all just conditioned to be more disciplined once the bell rings, maybe it’s just an easy way to say “now I’m going to really focus”.

I only know that, even though I have no reason to be tied to the school system, I’m back on the grind. Did I work hard during the summer? Did I intentionally try to move towards what I want? Yes to both. But is there a renewed sense of purpose and movement now? Very much so, yes.

It’s almost a little bit like January, when we all instinctively tighten up after months of holidays. With the school year, fall, and more things starting, I’m back on the grind. What does that mean for me? I’m focusing on my work goals and being intentional about them. Each day I’m trying to have at least an hour that’s super intentional. (I also have an hour that’s given to my exercise, my soul, and an hour to just feeling good–whatever that means. Me? I’m also focused on my diet and my budget, neither super fun but I’m trying and in that, there’s some fun.)

Even if we aren’t in school, there are changes that come at this time of year. The traffic patterns (yep, tied to school). The length of the days. It gets cooler. We naturally turn from the fun of summer to the structure of fall. And maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe it’s nature’s way of making sure that we stay balanced.

I would love to know: what grind are you back to? As the season turns where are you turning your attention? As I focus on work, diet, and exercise, what advice or tips do you have for me?

As always, I wish as a week of productivity and amazing shoes! XO RA

Sunday Chronicles: After Labor Day Do We Wear White?

Loves, I still struggle with this question. It’s a yearly debate for me: Do we wear White After Labor Day? This was first written/posted years ago, but I don’t know that I have any new answers. One new thing: this year I may dare to wear white pants, or all white after tomorrow. We’ll see! I would love to get your take: After Labor Day, do we wear white?


I’m from the South and it’s a pretty hard and fast rule that you don’t wear white after Labor Day. It’s so ingrained in us that a few years ago at a football game a guy friend of mine–who is not into fashion–saw a woman wearing white pants and made a comment that she shouldn’t be doing that, as it was after Labor Day. In fact, starting tomorrow my mom puts away all her linen items–citing the fact that it’s a summer fabric. And I get it–I’ve clearly been excited and ready for fall. There is something to be said for dressing for the season.

However, after living in California I came to realize that the white rule isn’t necessarily followed everywhere. You could argue that in CA it feels like summer longer, although it can be in the 100s till October in TX. Even the fashion elite –Vogue, etc– have relaxed their thinking and you can search for articles today like “How to Wear Your White Jeans Through Fall”. So who do we listen to–our Southern Moms or those who say we can wear white?

Honestly, I fall in the middle here. Don’t worry Mom–after tomorrow I won’t wear white pants (winter white is a whole other story though!) but I won’t be rushing to my fall/winter wardrobe. The fact of the matter is it will still be hot on Tuesday. And while I won’t be wearing white pants, white will still most likely pop into my outfits as an accent or piece–skirt, top, etc–but not the whole look. I no longer judge those who wear white after tomorrow–fashion is so diverse and if you like your outfit I’m a fan of you rocking it! But I will say I’m looking forward to our gradual shift to fall clothing! Have I mentioned I have some amazing boots to show you??

I’d love to know–what’s your stance on white after Labor Day?

Hope you’re having a great holiday weekend! XO RA



Sunday Chronicles: Summer Shoe

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles: Summer Shoe

You’re right. This is not a typical Sunday Chronicle. It’s hot outside, and all those deep thoughts we have? They’re harder to hold onto in the heat. Or, at least they are for me! So what are we to do?

Enjoy what we have going on. For me? That’s a great pair of shoes, a patio, and good company.

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles Summer Shoe

I have to admit: I’m not the BIGGEST fan of flip flops. Do I want shoes that I can just throw on? Of course. Do I want the sandals to look chic and do with everything? Yes, please!

That’s why I fell for these sandals. Not quite flip flops, but flat. A bit more chic, a bit more elevated, and a bit more versatile. Do they go with all my shorts and swimsuits? Yes. But, they also go with my “cocktail” summer dresses and more.

Loves, they even go in the water!
Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicle Summer Shoe

Yes, they’re plastic and have made going from water to land a breeze. (You know, as one does when it’s 107 outside).

Is this about how you might need a summer shoe like this? Sure.
But more than that, my wish for us in the last few moments of summer, when it’s too hot out, is that everything is this easy. That everything goes and we can just go about our day. That things look good no matter what happens. That we don’t have to think too hard and that we can just be.

If a summer shoe can give that to you, I’m all for it. No matter what the shoe is!

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles, Summer Shoe

Wishing us all a week of ease and amazing shoes!

If are interested in a summer shoe a la this one, I’ve found options here.
Note: that is an affiliate link, and while that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

What to do when you HATE the trend

I originally wrote this post a few years ago. I pull it out now and again, because I can’t stop thinking about this topic. Again we’re finding ourselves at a time when trends are going to be presented. We’re in the middle of a transition to a new season. We’re being told what’s trendy, what we should buy, and the looks that we HAVE to have. And loves, I’m not mad at any of that. I love seeing new interpretations and getting to explore new sides of ourselves through fashion. The flip side of that? What if we hate it all. What if the trends for fall or next spring are just awful and wrong for us?

So, I read this. And I feel a little bit better. I hope you do you!

Wishing us all a week of good trends and amazing shoes!


NY Fashion week has come and gone, and we’ve been presented with what’s on trend for now, and for the Fall. Which is great, right? Hopefully you’ve been inspired and are excited about what will be/is offered to you, and you have ideas and plans on how to wear it (or you’re excited to see how we wear it here!) But loves, let’s be honest with each other. There’s a chance, and there are times, when you just HATE a trend. Maybe you try it and it’s just not flattering on you. Maybe it brings back bad memories. Maybe you just hate it so much you can’t bring yourself to try it or think about it. I get it. I know, I’m in fashion and supposed to encourage you to try new things. Which I think you should. But not everything is for everyone.

Loves, I’ve struggled with this part all week. A part of me is torn–I feel as if I’m supposed to encourage you to try new things. Maybe the right piece, the right time, the right color will change your mind on a trend. Maybe. Trying different versions of a trend is also valid. Maybe you hate cold shoulder, but you love a certain off-the-shoulder. Maybe. Classics may be your thing and you don’t want to vary out, but one dress could change your mind. Maybe. I think all these avenues are great-again, I’m for us all trying things. But loves, sometimes things don’t work. And that’s valid too. Trends are simply that, a passing fancy, and if you don’t like it, it’s ok. A new trend will come about, or classics are always in style.
There are trends that I don’t like; and my personal view is that fashion is supposed to be a fun way to express yourself–not a list of things you HAVE to wear.

So, at the end of the day my biggest advice is, if you don’t love it, don’t wear it. That simple. Love what you wear, wear what makes you feel good!


Sunday Chronicles: The Rest of Summer

Has anyone else felt like July was kind of a bust? Not in a total way. There were great days and amazing things in July. However. I’m so grateful for a new start in August.

I got sick way more than expected in July. My schedule got much weirder than expected. There were things that I didn’t get to do, and things that I did. It was both overwhelming and perfect. So. What do we do with the rest of summer?
I revisited my summer bucket list, and I have some ideas.

-I want to get in the water as much as possible
-Travel. Both planning ahead and right now.
-Work. I have ideas and plans and want to start things that will carry over into the fall
-And yet, relax. This summer I keep thinking of the summer days of my childhood where all I did was swim, read, make art, and eat watermelon. Those days recharged me in ways that I can’t explain. I may need a few.

In more than one way, during the next few weeks we will all be looking ahead. To sweaters and fall. The school season and to-do lists. To the end of the year and all we want to do. My question and quest is: how do we enjoy where we are and set ourselves up for a great fall? Is it possible to get the last bit out of summer without feeling guilty about it? What do we really need to do? How do we really recharge?

I don’t have all the answers, but I’m thinking I might find them if I use the rest of the summer. There has to be a balance of working ahead and relaxing now. Or,let me say I’m determined to find one.

Wishing us all a week of summer and amazing shoes! Xo RA

Sunday Chronicles: Back to Normal

Investment Piece: Summer Mood

But, what is normal?

I moved to LA when I was 22, convinced that I was on my way to stardom. In LA, they have a few seasons that the rest of the country doesn’t have, like Pilot Season. Pilot season runs late Dec-April, and is when all the new shows are pitched, bought, shot, and picked up by Networks. In other words, as an actress it’s a busy time of year, and a chance to get a JOB. Yet, the year I moved out to LA, people started bemoaning that “this year pilot season isn’t normal”. Between cabLe, online, then the upcoming of Netflix, etc, Pilot Season went from this BIG set thing, to a process that can be anytime, depending on network, etc.

In other words, there is no normal.

Last week, our schedule shifted a bit because of sales. And I hope that you found what you were looking for, what did you buy? Anything?

This week, we’re back to “normal”. Or normal for us. Outfits Monday and Friday. Showcases, brands, trends, etc on Wednesdays. Sunday Chronicles on Sunday’s. Of course, I’ll still be sharing sales picks here on and on socials. And if things come up, we’ll roll with the punches. But, for now, normal.

So, what do we do with the rest of our summer? I’m hoping for days that are filled with nothing and everything. Fancy dresses and flip flop. New clothes and comfortable cut offs. Rose and green juice.
Who said normal didn’t mean we couldn’t have it all?

Wishing us all a week of normal and amazing shoes!