Sunday Chronicles : Giveaways and Celebrations

Investment Piece: Fashion Gives Back

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Blog Birthday giveaways! Vintage Dresses and Product of a Strong Female shirts. We’re still contacting the winners, so please be patient with us! (I’m also hoping the winners will share pics of them in their new goodies!)

As for things, does anyone else have a crazy busy May?

For me, May is full of family birthdays (and friends who are like family). My mom’s birthday is this week (as is mine), and it seems that there is an event EVERY NIGHT. I just scheduled myself a night off as it’s the 6th and I’m already so tired that I don’t know how to make it to my birthday.

So, the question becomes, how do we recharge ourselves in the middle of a crazy month?

Friends have been asking me about plans for my birthday, and what I keep thinking about is that taking care of yourself is a from of celebrating yourself. I’m seeing nights in and nights out in my future. Bubble baths and days by the pool and rose. Maybe some new shoes? Maybe a great read?

I know that the best way to be my best self is to give myself the things I need: workouts, sleep, veggies, and some fun. And maybe some wine for good measure. That’s the only way to enjoy all these things that fill up May is balance the fun with care.

How do you care for yourself? What does it look like when you celebrate yourself and take time for yourself?

I want to hear your tips and tricks and suggestions!

In the meantime, I’ll be celebrating all the things, relaxing, and trying to take care of myself with all the things.

Wishing us all a week of celebrations and care, and of course, amazing shoes!