Holiday Hangover

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It’s the day after a national holiday- here in the states. As the holiday fell on a Tuesday for some this is the end of a 4 day weekend, and for others we worked Monday, had Tuesday off, and are now back to work. A bit discombobulating all by itself. Add in that it’s midsummer, mid year, incredibly hot, and so many are on vacation (in Europe and Japan according to my IG! Which I love! I wish I was with you!) and this week just feels- a little bit like a hangover.

Not like a horrid hangover. But one of those times when being productive isn’t really attractive, you kinda just want to lay in bed all day, getting dressed seems hard, and any little thing you do feelS as if it needs a reward. Basically this week, especially when it’s short or choppy, feels as if we’re moving through water. And not in the glamorous swimming way. So, what do we do? How do we cure the holiday hangover?

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For me, the cure is 2 fold. First, I let myself rest and take it easy- mainly as I’ve learned from hangovers and years past that pretending as if hangovers aren’t here and pushing ahead make everything worse. (like headaches and many aspirins and avoiding to do lists with the accompanying guilt worse). We don’t like to claim that the day after a holiday is a holiday – but let’s be honest, it’s not the best work day so I plan ahead. Pre-schedule, light-schedule, whatever we call it- I do it. Second, I plan ahead, not just for the day after but the week after. I try to give myself a break down of what to do each day and plan in advance for everything from exhaustion and setbacks to breaks and post ahead- I find it helps.

Third, not a true hint but what I do, now that we’re in another odd holiday week, in the mid year mark, I try to take a step back and think: what do I really want to do this year? What do I need to get done still? What do I want to wear? Who do I want to be? And what do I need to do to get there?
These are incredibly personal questions, whose answers may change through the season. What I know is that I’m taking stock, making plans, and adjusting my wishlist.

Taking it easy and shopping for who I want to be? Sounds like a great holiday week to me! Below I’ve linked everything from swim cover ups (that will double as glam dresses) to work skirts to swim I want to wear for the rest of the season. It informs where I want to go from here- and if that’s what we get from a holiday hangover I’ll call it a win!

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