More Sales

One of my most favorite sayings is :”Wanna make God laugh? Tell Him your plans”. Not because I don’t think we should have plans, but because so very often our plans don’t always go exactly the way that we thought that they would. (I’m a big believer that if the world would just let me hand out scripts and we could all learn our lines that things could run oh-so-smoothly)

I had plans this week. And it’s laughable how few went through the way I thought that they would. Not that it was a bad week-but a relapse of a bad sinus infection has had me a tad bit laid up, pushing back a lot. Good news? Plan B. The Nordstrom Sale is still going strong, and every day I find more things that I need!

So, since I’m on the couch with swollen eyes and not able to shoot, let’s shop!

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From what one editor told me was a “miracle lotion” to Vitamin C for brightness, these are my beauty must haves:

I wear sunglasses ALOT. And it’s just been in the past few years that I’ve been very picky about what I bought. I love these sunnies, and with the sale, they’re musts!

We know I’m a fan of all types of dresses. These are my current favorites in the Nordstrom Sale

I sincerely believe that a great pair of jeans are like a good suit. You need some. These are some of the jeans that I love at the Nordstrom Sale.

What have you bought and loved from the Nordstrom sale? Picks, pictures, prices, I wanna know it all!

Here’s to overcoming allergies and shopping!