Fashion Stories: Nail Art

If I truly believe (and I do) that our clothes tell a story, what do I think about nails?
I went to college with someone who’s dad sent her weekly money for her manicures, as he thought you could always tell a lady by her nails.
In the epic “Gone With The Wind”, there’s more than one reference to how a woman’s hand should look (soft and kept) and how they shouldn’t look (like she’s been working in a field).
Do our nails tell a story?

I think so. From color (I went through a phase where I would joke with my manicurist that I always got black as it matched my soul. It was after a bad breakup) to design (I’m partial to more graphics but I have a girlfriend who does hearts and they are always adorable!), our nails can tell a story. There was a time when I was religious about getting my nails done every two weeks. Then I got out of the habit, and went to just painting my nails solid colors at home. Recently, I had begun to miss some of the designs, and stumbled across gel strips (essentially stickers for your nails) that come in a ton of different colors and designs.

I love them as they are quick, last about 14 days, and I don’t have to go to the salon. And now, when so many of us are home, unable or unwilling to venture out, they’re perfect:

Do you love nail art? Still to colors? Have a favorite nail salon? Tell me all about it!

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Happy storytelling!