Fashion Stories: Gifts

I am obessed with the stories that our fashion tell. I’m on a mission to tell them all. Mine. Yours. Everyone’s. I’m fascinated by the things we hang onto, the stories we tell, what matters to us and how does the fashion we keep enforce that.

This month, as our minds are on gifts, I’m chatting about gifts that tell a story that I can’t get rid of.
And yes, I’m working on stopping saying “um” all the time!

I’d love to know what gifts you hang onto! I’d also love to tell your stories-hit me up!

Fashion Story: Costumes.

Loves, we know that I have this thing about all the fashion that we keep in our closets. I think it’s a part of how we tell our stories. (Fashion Story, get it?) Sometimes we hang onto the things that we wear all the time, and that’s a story. But sometimes, we hang on to things that we don’t always wear. Maybe it’s something that represents something we hope for, or aspire to be. Sometimes, maybe it’s a thing we are dealing with, and learning to let go.

Today, let’s chat costumes. Yes, Halloween. But also things like dance costumes. Yes, I was a dancer growing up, and there are a ton of recital costumes that I just can’t seem to get rid of! Let’s chat about it!

I’d love to know: what are the things you can’t get rid of? Are you holding onto any costumes? I want to hear about everything!!


Fashion Stories: Ossie Clark

Loves! It’s the time of month where we go into our closets to see what stories live there. This month? I was lucky enough to chat with Lauren from Timeless Vixen about her Ossie Clark collection. It’s amazing. And I can’t wait to get back into her closet and really play. Also –I’d love to come play in your closet! What do you collect?

In the meantime, let’s enjoy my convo with Lauren about her 109 pieces of Ossie Clark (yes, her closet is #goals)

Hope you enjoy!


Fashion Stories: Childhood Trends

Loves, as you know, I’m a big believer that fashion helps us tell our stories. And our stories matter. This summer, I’ve spent a lot of time helping my mom clean out many things. In mom’s house? A lot of baby pictures, which got me to thinking:

Last month we talked wedding dresses (see here) and yes, those are an item most of us can’t get out of our closet. Another item we tend to hold onto? Baby clothes (though my mom has mine boxed in the attic, but still). It made me wonder: does how we dress as children influence how we dress as adults? Are the things that were in our closets as kids still in our closets?

In my case, yes!! I was never one to turn down a party dress (I refused to wear pants till I was 5); and I’m still very partial to a great party dress (and shoes). There are direct lines between what I wore (and many times a day I changed) as a kid, and what I wear (and how many times a day I change) a day now. Ironically enough, my mom used to take pictures of all of my baby outfits, now I take pictures of my outfits. Everything comes around?

I hope you enjoy this video I made about these thoughts. I’d love to know:
What was in your closet as a kid? What can’t you get rid of? Did what you wear then affect what you wear now?


***Note: I think I ramble too much. At one point, what I was trying to explain was I danced as a kid (yes, I still wear leotards around), and it got me in the habit of wearing a bun ALL the time

***I’m still not 100% sure what to call this segment. What are your thoughts?

Out of the Closet: Great-Great Grandma’s Wedding Dress

Investment Piece: Out of the Closet: Great Great Grandma's Wedding Dress
Investment Piece: Out of the Closet: Great Great Grandma's dress
Investment Piece: out of the closet, great great grandma's dress

Loves!! I’m so exited to share the first of the new project we’ve been working on:

Out of the Closet: Telling the Stories our Fashions Hold.

I’m a big lover of fashion. I’m a big believer in stories. I’m convinced that we’re all story-tellers and that in our closets are pieces that hold meaning and explain different parts of us. Whether it’s something that shows a side of us that we don’t normally share with the world, or the outfit that we got our big promotion in, our fashions tell our stories. So, let’s bring our fashion out of the closet and listen.

Or, at least, that’s the idea.

And our first story? My great-great grandma’s wedding dress. Wedding dresses are one of those things that we all hang onto, and pass down. They’re full of the hope and love that the first owner had on her big day, and as we pass them down, the dresses get full of the love and hope that the older generation has for the younger generation.

Investment Piece: Great Great Grandma's Wedding Dress

My Great-Great Grandma, Cora Christine, wore this gown in 1887 to marry my great-great grandpa, Arthur A. From just a fashion standpoint? The beading (that even runs underneath the belt), the train, the sleeves. It’s just exquisite. The story? While this wedding dress was originial to my great great grandma, she got it at McNeil’s Gowns (an extensive Internet search has produced nothing on this brand, if you know something I would love to hear it!), it’s been passed down in my family for generations. It’s become one of the things that no one can (or wants to) get rid of–and not just because it’s gorgeous.

I never got to meet my great-great grandma (I’m not that old), but getting to wear her dress let’s me in on little bits of her personality. That she must have liked details. That she could pull off being delicate and a train. That she wanted a dress for her wedding like this, at a time when some people didn’t go big for their wedding day. There are parts of her in me, and this dress describes both of us.

I made us a little video for Out of the Closet. Our fashions hold stories, and I love telling them:

(Yes, there are some technical issues. It’s hard being great at fashion and not great at technology. Also, if you know someone who’s great at editing send them our way!)

Loves! Thank you for listening to my stories. I would love to come play in your closet and tell yours!