Fashion Stories: PhoebePhiloFan

Investment Piece: Fashion Stories PhoebePhiloFan

I’m a true believer that fashion is a medium with which to tell stories; and, that we tell stories every time we get dressed, or buy clothes. So, it’s no surprise that I’m simply fascinated by what we buy, collect, and hang onto in our closets. These are the stories I love telling!

This month I had the privilege of speaking to Tess of PhoebePhiloFan (she is a must follow on Instagram, @pheobephilofan). Tess is a dear friend, and over the years has evolved not only her personal style, but her collection of one of her favorite designers, Phoebe Philo (when she was at Celine). Tess and I sat down to chat all things Celine, Phoebe, personal style, and more!

Investment Piece: Fashion Stories PhoebePhiloFan
Investment Piece: Fashion Stories PhoebePhiloFan

IP: What started you on your journey to collect Phoebe Celine? Or, why collect Phoebe Celine?
Tess: Well, I got a few of her pieces throughout the years, but recently felt like I have honed in on my own personal style, and this specific era from Celine really represents that.

Investment Piece: Fashion Stories PhoebePhiloFan

IP: What would you say your personal style is?
Tess: I feel like it’s become more sophisticated and self confident, not as much flashy or showy. I feel like it really reflects my inner self confidence so it’s more about me and less about the clothes–though it is about the clothes!
IP: Everytime I see you I feel like you look very chic, but also very Tess. Nothing ever looks like a costume or like you’re letting the clothes wear you.
Tess: I feel that for a while I was experimenting, but I’ve always been searching for clothes that really reflect the true me, and through Phoebe Philo I’ve found that.

Investment Piece: Fashion Stories PhoebePhiloFan

IP: So where do you find all of these great Phoebe Philo pieces?
Tess: I look all over the place. The RealReal, Vestiaire Collective, eBay, local second hand shops like UAL, etc. I find most of it second hand, which helps with cost, but I really look all over.
IP: So, how much of your closet is Phobe Philo?
Tess: I would say about 20%. I feel like I buy clothes frequently, but I’m now at the point where I would rather buy fewer clothes of higher quality and things that I really love than just whatever is trendy. So, I don’t feel badly about spending a little bit more and investing in her pieces rather than going for the easy, fast fashion pieces that quickly go out of style, or the quality isn’t there!
IP: Investment Pieces are something I understand and love!

Investment Piece: Fashion Stories: PhoebePhiloFan
IP: so, where are you going from here? Is Phoebe something you intend to keep collecting on purpose, or do you see this as an evolution of your own style/wardrobe?
Tess: I’ve been through Phoebe and OldCeline, and they really fit my sense of self. So, I would say I’m just incorporating this into my wardrobe, I still buy other designers and pieces, but since I love Phoebe so much will always make space for her in my closet!
IP: How has this changed your interaction with fashion and the fashion community? Your account is so beautiful, and you’ve had great engagement. How has this changed your outlook on fashion?
Tess: I think it makes me more mindful about the way I shop. Before I feel like I could get distracted by trends, and now I’m following the trends a little less and staying true to my own sense of style more. I’m investing in classic staples, and being ok with that, and then having one or two stand out items. But I now really think more long term when I shop.

Investment Piece: Fashion Stories, PhoebePhiloFan
Investment Piece: Fashion Stories, PhoebePhiloFan

IP:So you take all your pictures yourself?
Tess: Yes, I do! I love photography too, though I know very little about it, so I’m loving the pictures side of this too, as well as the fashion of course. Actually, one time I was at the graffiti wall in Austin and someone saw me shooting and asked if I needed them to take my picture; and I explained that I love taking the pictures myself. It’s part of the journey for me.
IP: You’re so good at it! Taking the pictures yourself is still something I’m working on!
Tess: and there are times when I feel bad. Like my husband would take my photos for me, but I really don’t think he gets what I do-I mean he knows it’s important to me, but I don’t know that he would capture the pictures that I’m going for.

SideNote: Mr. PhoebePhiloFan is amazing as well, but yes, I get that!

Investment Piece: fashion stories: PhoebePhiloFan
My husband laughs every time I wear these shoes. Phoebe can be so specific and that’s part of what I love about it!

I just adore Tess of PhoebePhiloFan, her fashion choices, and her fashion philosophy! I hope that you enjoyed this fashion story as well–make sure to follow Tess (@phoebephilofan) on Instagram and I’ve picked out some of my fave Celine pieces for your shopping pleasure below!

Investment piece: fashion stories PhoebePhiloFan
Investment Piece: Fashionstories PhoebePhiloFan

What stories are you telling in your closet?

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Shop Celine picks here and

Fashion Stories: Fashion History 1920s

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how we will look back at the fashion of 2020. Most houses will not be showing a new collection in the fall, so much of our shopping has become online, and with everyone at home the majority of the time fashion could be anything from pjs to yoga pants to anything you love. There’s a lot of freedom. And a lot of stories.

As someone who deeply believes our stories and our fashions are intertwined, I’m fascinated by fashion history. Yes, it’s a thing! It’s in museums and you can get degrees in it! When I wrote about Dior, you could argue that it’s a lesson in fashion history. Dior’s “new look” defined a period in time. What will this period be defined by, fashion wise? I can’t help but think about this, there are days when I’m dressing up and days when I’m in the same pjs on end. And I’m sure I’m not alone in that sort of dressing. How will we be written about? How should I be writing about it now?

Loving stories means I love history, and in the past few years have led me to develop a deep passion and appreciation for fashion history. I’m not a historian-but I love learning about it! And with all of these thoughts about what the history of 2020 will say, I’m looking back to the fashion history of the 1920s.

Some of my favorite video resources:


(These are just a sampling of what you can find on YouTube. I’ve spent many an afternoon lost in these videos! I high recommend it!)

As a vintage lover, I love the ease of the 1920s, the way that people redefined themselves and expressed that with their clothes. Which brings us back to my question: how will we define this era in fashion history? If you knew that you would be documented would you change how you dress?

I don’t know the answers. But as I ponder this, I can’t help but want to be more intentional with my outfits, even the ones with yoga pants. What about you?

I would love to hear your thoughts, what you’re wearing, and your take on fashion history!

Fashion Stories: Dior

My loves! I wanted to update this: Dior has put their exhibit (with a guided tour) online for free.
See it:


My thoughts remain below! Every Friday in quarantine, I’ve been “getting dressed up” and “going to a museum” (aka looking at collections online!). This week I plan on revising this exhibit, and I just might wear Dior to do it! What to join?

Investment Piece: Fashion Stories Dior

I recently had the chance to see the Dior exhibit, “From Paris to the World”, at the Dallas Museum of Art. It’s a must see for any fashion lover, art lover, human lover. The exhibit has been extended to October 27, and you can get more information about the museum and buy tickets here.

Loves, I have to admit that this exhibit awed me. The amount of art (yes. Fashion is art. Couture is one our last artisan art forms.) The clothes. The beauty.

I took so many, many pictures, thinking I would make us a little video. But then I found these and they tell the story so well:

Investment Piece: Fashion Stories Dior

What I would love to share are my take-aways from this art and fashion heaven:

Fashion is Art
Not that I haven’t said this before, but it’s still true. The craft, the workmanship, the art. In fact, DMA showed Dior next to Monets, and Van Goughs.

Investment Piece: Fashion Stories Dior

And while I’ve always been a believer that fashion was art, what this Dior exhibit reminded me of was that it’s ok, more than ok, to see the bigger picture of your clothes. To not just have things to run errands in (also super important), but to have pieces that make you gasp, fill with joy, that are beyond the everyday. That we should enjoy our clothes, and be inspired by them. Both sides of fashion are amazing.

Fashion Tells a Story
Again, not a new thought. Fashion Telling a Story is one of my core beliefs. However, Dior sent that message home for me. Christian Dior was a man who saw women and fashion in a new way, and his vision changed what people wore. We can think of luxury houses as these big brands, but they all started with a story. They all still tell a story. From Christian to Galliano, each creative designer of a house puts their own take on a line, while carrying the story the house was founded on.
Investment Piece: Fashion Stories Dior
And that doesn’t even touch on the stories told in the clothes (like Jennifer Lawrence falling at the Oscars).

This exhibit made me not only want to know the stories of Dior, and wear the clothes, but find our more about the women who wore these stories. From the classics
Investment Piece: Fashion STories Dior
To the not-so-classic:
Investment Piece: Fashion STories Dior

I want it all, and I want to tell all the stories.

What about you?
I’d love to hear if you’ve seen the exhibit, your thoughts, and what things you’ve done in Dior!

I’ve linked to some of the books and films about Dior that I’ve either loved or am longing to love!
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Investment Piece: Fashion STories Dior

Fashion Stories: Expoloration

It’s tempting at this time not to get dressed. To be in sweats or yoga pants, to avoid the closet. I’m guilty of it. As much as I love my clothes, and believe in the power our stories have, and that fashion tells our stories, I haven’t been getting dressed lately. Between all the feelings and no where to go, it has been hard to get dressed.

Then. I shifted my perspective. I’ve been going to my closet thinking that it would make me feel better, that there’s some story there that would “solve” things. And yes, getting dressed always makes me feel better, I realized I was looking for the wrong thing. Yes, use this time to dress for comfort, if that means sweat pants or your favorite dress. Dress for the feelings you need, be it power suit or romance.

But maybe this is a great time to dress for exploration. Tell the stories about that. With no set place to be (for most of us) and loosening guidelines, maybe this is a time to dare to try things. Mix patterns that you wouldn’t before. Figure out what pants you really love and build endless combinations with them. Be daring. Pair a swimsuit with everything. Wear your tops in new ways. There’s no limit to what you could put together, and what stories you could tell. Exploration–and is there any better place to start exploring than your own closet?

Some of my suggestions:
Investment Piece: Exploration
Mix formal with super casual

Investment Piece: Trend to Try: Socks With Peep Toes
Mix socks and hose and all the shoes!

Investment Piece: Exploration
Play with sheer

Yellow, InvestmentPiece, fashion, vintage, la perla, turtleneck, Tx, la, blogger
Layer everything. Or not!

Investment Piece: Freedom
Play with your hair!

Investment Piece: Sales and Giveways
Is lingerie only for the bedroom?

The possibilities are endless! So, I would love to know, what are you exploring? I have a few pieces that I love that I can’t seem to pair easily, I’m going to work on that. I’ll also spend some time cleaning out and making space for things that better fit. (If you’re cleaning out would love to help you make some money off your discards! Tell her I sent you!) Want some help exploring? Email me at and we will play together.

No matter what you’re wearing or what story you’re telling right now, I hope that you and yours are safe and healthy!

Fashion Stories: Nail Art

If I truly believe (and I do) that our clothes tell a story, what do I think about nails?
I went to college with someone who’s dad sent her weekly money for her manicures, as he thought you could always tell a lady by her nails.
In the epic “Gone With The Wind”, there’s more than one reference to how a woman’s hand should look (soft and kept) and how they shouldn’t look (like she’s been working in a field).
Do our nails tell a story?

I think so. From color (I went through a phase where I would joke with my manicurist that I always got black as it matched my soul. It was after a bad breakup) to design (I’m partial to more graphics but I have a girlfriend who does hearts and they are always adorable!), our nails can tell a story. There was a time when I was religious about getting my nails done every two weeks. Then I got out of the habit, and went to just painting my nails solid colors at home. Recently, I had begun to miss some of the designs, and stumbled across gel strips (essentially stickers for your nails) that come in a ton of different colors and designs.

I love them as they are quick, last about 14 days, and I don’t have to go to the salon. And now, when so many of us are home, unable or unwilling to venture out, they’re perfect:

Do you love nail art? Still to colors? Have a favorite nail salon? Tell me all about it!

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You can shop these gel strips here:

Mani me :
here. Use code JOOY20 for 20% off!

Happy storytelling!

Fashion Stories: Charm Bracelets

A piece that I used to wear religiously? A way to learn a little bit about me? A charm bracelet. In and of itself both a fashion story and a timeline of our lives, these bracelets were so special to me growing up. Now that I’m looking back at them, I’m amazed at what they say and how accurate they still are. I’d love to know: did you wear a charm bracelet growing up? And if you were to make one now, what charms would you want on it?


I’ve linked some of my favorite current charms here. Yes, that’s an affiliate link, and while that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from it. Thank you for your support!

Fashion Stories: NYE

If holiday dressing tells the story of tradition, joy, and family, what story does NYE dressing tell?

My guess is party! What may be best about dressing for NYE is that it truly is a make your own adventure, and an excuse to go BIG! Sequins, furs, anything and everything. Whether you’re out on the town or staying in, the story of NYE dressing can be excitement about the year to come, or saying “Ciao” to the year ending, or maybe it’s just letting your love of party dresses come out!Something else I love on NYE? (Or anytime) Tuxes. Yes, on women, or a great suit- it’s chic and a bit unexpected. Something else I love on NYE? (Or anytime) Tuxes. Yes, on women, or a great suit- it’s chic and a bit unexpected.

My little secret? I’m a fan of at-home New Years. I love luxe pj dressing: a silky gown or kimono, maybe a fur, statement shoes of course. It allows me to be relaxed and dressy at the same time. However, as we are starting the roaring 20s this year, I’m very tempted to wear a 1920s dress and go out on the town. (Throughout the year I also expect all of you to invite me to your Gatsby parties!)

What story will we wear this NYE? I’ve linked some options for all us below. I’d love to know: what are you wearing for NYE?

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Fashion Stories: Holiday Dressing

Velvets. Plaids. Reds. These are the fashion choices we usually choose to tell our holiday stories. The ones of traditions and families, of decorations and parties. It’s odd to think of “holiday dressing” as a fashion story, but it is! I have a thing for red dresses, but whenever I see one I can’t help but think of this time of year. Even outliers like winter white tell a story (maybe you’re classic but not a conformer).

Thinking about the stories we’re telling with our holiday dressing is something that fascinates me. Looking at holiday cards, thinking about the ways people choose to dress themselves and their families, it’s striking that most of all we want to share joy at this time of year–and there’s a chance that merry plaids, reds, and velvets are the best way to do that.

What stories are you telling with your holiday dressing this year?
Me? I’m still thinking about it, but these pics above are some of my favorite past stories, and I’ve linked shopping options below for us!

Let’s share joy and magic this year! How’s that for holiday dressing?

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Shop winter whites here.

Some of my favorite plaids here.

And velvets and dresses here:

I would love to know what you’re wearing and shopping!

Fashion Stories: Holiday Traditions

We, as a society, tend to wear red and green for Christmas. Sequins for New Years. There are traditions that have come and gone–like holiday sweaters. I would love to know: what are your fashion holiday traditions? Have they changed over the years? Let’s chat about it!

Below, I’ve linked some holiday dresses, and holiday sweaters for your shopping pleasure!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Some lovely holiday dressing options:

Holiday Sweaters:

Fashion Stories: Halloween Costume

Investment Piece: Fashion Stories, Halloween Costume
Investment Piece: Fashion STories, Halloween Costume
Investment Piece: Fashion Stories Halloween Costume
Investment Piece: Fashion Stories HAlloween Costumes

When fashion stories and fashion Halloween intersect magic can happen. This year I thought long and hard about what I wanted to be for Halloween. I knew that it had to be fashion (here with the black cocktail dress and shoes), and I wanted it to be something I would really dress up as! So…I’m Maleficent! Ironically, this is not my first (or second) time being the “Mistress of Evil”. This headpiece is from college-yes, I was Maleficent when we hadn’t seen her side of the story, when to be a fan of Maleficent meant you loved her in all her evilness. (It doesn’t hurt that Sleeping Beauty is my favorite fairy tale)

But I really wanted to think about the fashion part of my costume. You’ve seen this dress before (here and here), it’s one of my favorite designers (Norma Kamali) and this is one of those little black dresses that feels like nothing, but offers such an impact. Here I put a turtleneck under it- I know, you can see the lines. I do love this dress, though I have to say if I were going to alter it, (a series I’m thinking of doing, what are your thoughts?) I would cinch the waist a bit as it can gape. (Insert shrugging emoji)
But for the most part it’s perfect.
Those sleeves read queen. (Note- a LBD would also work for any queen, Morticia Adams, or a witch)
I’ve had the headpiece for years. And I’ve found you updated headpieces.
And I’ve had the bird.
However, most of this costume is just fashion. And as a fashion lover, I love that. You know that I’m a firm believer that fashion is a medium with which to tell our stories, and why should our costumes (stories) be excluded from that?

Investment Piece: Fashion Stories Halloween Costumes
Investment Piece: Fashion Storeis Halloween Costume
Investment Piece: Fashion Stories Halloween Costume

The question now is: what are you for Halloween? What fashion are you using? And what story are you telling?
Some other easy things I’ve thought about being:
Mrs. Maisel (a vintage slip with a coat)
Audrey Hepburn (black turtleneck, crop pants, loafers)
Hester Pyrne (black dress with a Scarlet A)
Barbie (pink)
And for fun, T-REX (with heels)

The fun part for me is mixing fashion and stories–and isn’t that just want a costume is?

There’s a lot to shop her, so I’ve broken it down!
I can’t wait to hear about what you’re being for Halloween, and the stories and fashion that went into it!

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If you love this dress:

Maleficent costumes can be purchased here
Or here:

Happy Halloween!
Investment Piece: FAshion Halloween