Ocean, Baby// Ocean Baby

Investment Piece, high fashion, vintage, blogger, ocean, baby, LA, TX
InvestmentPiece, high fashion, blogger, LA, TX, ocean, baby,
Investment Piece, high fashion, vintage, ocean, LA
InvestmentPiece, fashion, blogger, ocean, baby, LA, TX, ocean baby
Investment Piece, vintage, high fashion, blogger, ocean, LA, TX, baby
Investment Piece, high fashion, blogger, vintage, ocean, LA, TX, baby
High fashion, ocean, baby, Investment Piece, vintage, LA, TX

What a week. What a time. What to say?
With so many high emotions and the desire to say the right thing, I’ve been a little overwhelmed. If you follow me on Instagram (@racheladelicia) you know some of my thoughts. We at Investment Piece believe that Black Lives Matter and while I (as a white woman) may never understand, I am committed to standing with you. I’ve been taking a step back, seeing where I can be of service, assessing how we should be handling the events here in the US, and what space we should take up. I’m not sure of the answers. I believe that this conversation and the humans matter, I also believe that fashion matters. Balancing the two is a bit hard. I appreciate you forgiving me for the mistakes I’m sure I make. In life, I’m working on learning and being a better ally. Here we’re working on telling our stories with fashion – because that’s what we do.

When things get stressful I want a few things: the ocean and fashion. This shoot was always the best of both. While we find our way this week I’m grateful for you’re being here.
Investment Piece: Ocean Baby

This is a week for finding what to say and what to focus on. And the ocean, amazing fashion, vintage, community, and you top my list. Thank you for visiting my little corner of the Internet, interacting with my fashion, and building a community here. I love juxatipositons, so shooting this gorgeous silk and sequined dress by the ocean was natural to me. And having a post full of things I love on a week where we pause to say thank you seemed even better. Here’s to many more shoots,more inclusion, more stories, more fashion, more us!

Hoping you and yours are safe and wishing us all peace and justice!

Dress: Vintage from Garment Modern