Ocean, Baby// Ocean Baby

Investment Piece, high fashion, vintage, blogger, ocean, baby, LA, TX
InvestmentPiece, high fashion, blogger, LA, TX, ocean, baby,
Investment Piece, high fashion, vintage, ocean, LA
InvestmentPiece, fashion, blogger, ocean, baby, LA, TX, ocean baby
Investment Piece, vintage, high fashion, blogger, ocean, LA, TX, baby
Investment Piece, high fashion, blogger, vintage, ocean, LA, TX, baby
High fashion, ocean, baby, Investment Piece, vintage, LA, TX

What a week. What a time. What to say?
With so many high emotions and the desire to say the right thing, I’ve been a little overwhelmed. If you follow me on Instagram (@racheladelicia) you know some of my thoughts. We at Investment Piece believe that Black Lives Matter and while I (as a white woman) may never understand, I am committed to standing with you. I’ve been taking a step back, seeing where I can be of service, assessing how we should be handling the events here in the US, and what space we should take up. I’m not sure of the answers. I believe that this conversation and the humans matter, I also believe that fashion matters. Balancing the two is a bit hard. I appreciate you forgiving me for the mistakes I’m sure I make. In life, I’m working on learning and being a better ally. Here we’re working on telling our stories with fashion – because that’s what we do.

When things get stressful I want a few things: the ocean and fashion. This shoot was always the best of both. While we find our way this week I’m grateful for you’re being here.
Investment Piece: Ocean Baby

This is a week for finding what to say and what to focus on. And the ocean, amazing fashion, vintage, community, and you top my list. Thank you for visiting my little corner of the Internet, interacting with my fashion, and building a community here. I love juxatipositons, so shooting this gorgeous silk and sequined dress by the ocean was natural to me. And having a post full of things I love on a week where we pause to say thank you seemed even better. Here’s to many more shoots,more inclusion, more stories, more fashion, more us!

Hoping you and yours are safe and wishing us all peace and justice!

Dress: Vintage from Garment Modern

For the Birds

Investment Piece: For the Birds
Investment Piece: For the Birds
Investment Piece: For the Birds
Investment Piece: For the Birds
Investment Piece: For the Birds

Loves, we know that I love me some swim suits, and have no problem wearing them as “regular” fashion. (Reminders: Leather Swim, Vintage Swim, Bikini Days, Swim Cape, and if you’re still looking for a great swim suit check out my Swim Round Up). Well, it seems like my problem has expanded to all things swim: now I’m wearing swim cover-ups as “regular” tops. And I’m not the least bit sorry about it!

This Mara Hoffman (one of my fave designers, she’s ethical, sustainable, and her pieces are chic and versatile!) swim cover up has quickly become a favorite for the summer. I’ve worn it to the pool, over shorts, over skirts–but love it with these side slit pants and lace up pumps. It’s the perfect combination of flowy and structured, cover-up and showing. It feels very elegant , but is perfect for the heat as it’s such a breathable outfit! We know I’m a big fan of juxatipositons, and this hits all the right notes!

Investment Piece: for the Birds

Most of us think of Investment Pieces as pieces that cost a lot, however, I would add to that definition: an investment piece is any piece that you can get a ton of use out of! I can think of no better expample than this stunning birds top: from pool side to date night, it’s got you covered (literally).

Note: It does come a little far down on the side so if you’re worried about your bra showing, make sure you adjust or use fashion tape to keep the top up!


This swim cover up is from a few years ago, but I’ve linked you similar below, as well as some current Mara Hoffman I love!
Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Shop my picks here!

Investment Piece: For the Birds

Fashion Stories: Fashion History 1920s

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how we will look back at the fashion of 2020. Most houses will not be showing a new collection in the fall, so much of our shopping has become online, and with everyone at home the majority of the time fashion could be anything from pjs to yoga pants to anything you love. There’s a lot of freedom. And a lot of stories.

As someone who deeply believes our stories and our fashions are intertwined, I’m fascinated by fashion history. Yes, it’s a thing! It’s in museums and you can get degrees in it! When I wrote about Dior, you could argue that it’s a lesson in fashion history. Dior’s “new look” defined a period in time. What will this period be defined by, fashion wise? I can’t help but think about this, there are days when I’m dressing up and days when I’m in the same pjs on end. And I’m sure I’m not alone in that sort of dressing. How will we be written about? How should I be writing about it now?

Loving stories means I love history, and in the past few years have led me to develop a deep passion and appreciation for fashion history. I’m not a historian-but I love learning about it! And with all of these thoughts about what the history of 2020 will say, I’m looking back to the fashion history of the 1920s.

Some of my favorite video resources:



(These are just a sampling of what you can find on YouTube. I’ve spent many an afternoon lost in these videos! I high recommend it!)

As a vintage lover, I love the ease of the 1920s, the way that people redefined themselves and expressed that with their clothes. Which brings us back to my question: how will we define this era in fashion history? If you knew that you would be documented would you change how you dress?

I don’t know the answers. But as I ponder this, I can’t help but want to be more intentional with my outfits, even the ones with yoga pants. What about you?

I would love to hear your thoughts, what you’re wearing, and your take on fashion history!

In Blue

Investment Piece: In Blue
Investment Piece: In Blue

There’s something about the color blue. I’ve always loved it, as it matches my eyes, but there’s something else about the shade. In art, blue was the most expensive shade, and could mean anything from holiness to royalty to mystery. And maybe that’s a part of the draw. There are a lot of us who love the shade, but that’s not the only reason why I love this dress.

This is in blue. And it comes in two parts:
In Blue. Part One:
I’ve always loved a great party dress. And the greatest things about that? Any dress is a party dress.

It’s true. Just depends on what kind of party. (This where someone could tell you that the most important people to have in your life are the kind that make going to the grocery store a party. You could also be that kind of person! :))

My favorite kind of dress to wear in the summertime? Sundresses. Especially halter maxi ones, like this one. They can be dressed up or down (just change your shoes accordingly), and show just enough skin to feel like the season. From the beach to a soriee, a dress like this one can get you through the summer (and it travels like a dream). I’m partial to the blue, and those details, but really, any great halter dress will do!

Investment Piece: In Blue
Investment Piece: In Blue
Investment Piece: In Blue

In Blue. Part Two

I have a thing for vintage. This dress is Radley London, vintage from the 1960s/70s. I also have a thing for Ossie Clark. See here, here, and here. Radley London? It has a connect to Ossie.

Radley was a British clothing manufacturing company of the 1960s through the 1980s and owned by Alfred Radley. The company is best known for its association with the Quorum Boutique, of which it acquired controlling interest in 1969.

The designers at Quorum, Ossie Clark, and Alice Pollock, also did garments under the Radley label and many Radley garments borrowed design elements from the popular Quorum designers. The garment would be sketched by Clark, then Radley’s in-house designer would use the ideas to produce a variety of designs for Radley.

Rose Bradford was the designer employed by the Radley firm in the late 1960s to adapt the original designs of Ossie Clark into affordable licensed pieces under the Radley label (once they had come to the financial rescue of Alice Pollock and Ossie’s boutique, Quorum). Bradford seems to have been an extremely talented designer in her own right, designing under her own name for both the Radley and Quorum labels in the 1970s, but was always overshadowed by the many other designers Radley employed over the years. She is also rumoured to have wholly designed some pieces which were sold as Ossie Clark garments, as an experiment to see if this could work without Clark’s involvement.

Do I know who actually designed this dress?
And that doesn’t change how much I love it.
But a dress this great, with a connection like that, and with details that will make my entire summer a party? I’m sold.

I’ve linked similar dresses below for your shopping pleasure! And want to hear all about your parties!!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!


One of my favorite places to shop Radley London is eBay. I found
this one for you, and there are a ton more!!

Feathers and PJs and Stirrups, OH MY!

Investment Piece: Feathers and PJs and STirrups OH MY!
While this post was originally about mistakes that make great outfits, it’s also the perfect isolation/WFH outfit. The PJ top that’s fancy enough for any online meeting. The workout pants. Shoes that are almost slippers. If it was great for on-the-go, it’s even better at home. And I’ve worn this outfit formula more than once recently!
Investment Piece: Feathers and PJS and Stirrups OH MY!
Investment Piece: Feathers and PJs and Stirrups OHMY!

These are a few of my favorite things: feathers and pjs and stirrups (Oh MY!)

*Side note: This is not the part where I apologize for The Wizard of Oz being one of my most favorite movies.

** Doube Side Note: These stirrup pants were not the pants I had planned. I have these great high waisted pants I thought would be great with this feather top (yes, it really is pjs). The plan was the top, the pants, maybe some heels. A great piece on how PJs can be anything. The feathers could be a nod to fun or to Prada, or to both. I was super excited. And then.

I packed the wrong pants. It happens. I’m gonna go ahead and bet when you’re a fashion blogger and have a shoot it feels a bit bigger. But there I am, with the wrong pants. And an amazing look to shoot. What to do?

These stirrup pants (yes, workout, yes, I love them) to save the day. I tend to wear these to Pilates or Yoga and then under all the dresses and the skirts. It’s completely on trend and again, I love them. So, I needed some pants to go with a PJ top. These worked. And, if we’re honest, balance the feathers. Who says feathers can’t be casual?

Investment Piece: Feathers and PJS and Stirrups OH MY!
Investment Piece: Feathers and PJS and Stirrusps OH MY!
Investment Piece: feathers and pjs and stirrups oh my!

I have a thing for feathers (we could probably blame Prada but that seems mean). I love the pink. I love that this is a PJ top. Yes, there are pants, they don’t have feathers, but they look great with heels and sweaters. My initials embroidered on the top are another thing I love. Again, this top leans itself to being dressed up. But, I kinda love it casual. It would also looks great in bed (even if no one was bringing you champagne).

* Sometimes mistakes make for good outfits. There’s always more than one way to wear something, why not embrace that?
* Feathers go with everything
*Don’t count out your yoga pants
* Our middle school selves were right: stirrups are cool
*If you can’t tell they are PJs it doesn’t count
*Outfits don’t have to be one thing. This is perfect to WFH or lounge in, but also works when we’re back to being out and about!

Other times I’ve worn PJs: here, here, and here.

Feathers? I got them: here.

And I’ve worn stirrups here.

What are you learning this Monday?

I’ve linked similar clothing options below!

Hope your Monday includes everything you were supposed to pack!

This post contains affiliate links. While I may earn commission from them, it does not affect price for you. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Feathers and Pjs and Stirrups, OH MY!!

20s Fringe

Investment Piece, high fashion, vintage, blogger, 1920s, fringe, Ca, TX
While this post is a flashback, it makes me think of my quarantine style. A little of this, a little of that. Very fancy and very casual mixed. I’ve been known to wear sweatshirts with fancy skirts, or nice tops with my yoga pants. But this? This is the ultimate high/low dressing. And I may just have to wear it again today!
Investment Piece, blogger, high fashion, vintage, 1920s, fringe, CA, TX
Investment Piece, fashion blogger, high fashion, vintage, 1902s, fringe, CA, TX
Investment Piece, fashion blogger, high fashion, vintage, 1920s, fringe, CA, TX
Investment Piece: 20s Fringe
Investment Piece: 20s Fringe

When I saw this 1920s fringe skirt at Recess LA, I knew I had to have it. Can it be dressed up? The sequins, the detail, the way it would look over a gown–yes! But I love the idea of this fringe skirt over jeans. It’s just simple. Enough. It would look great with a tee and converse, but I love it with a leotard and heels. It’s a show stopper without you having to say a word. And the way this moves…loves. I’ve always loved the idea of a skirt over pants, but this is next level. And while you may not have a fringe skirt in your closet, I think this look could be recreated with any skirt with movement!


Skirt: Vintage
And I’ve had this leotard since I was in high school (and wear it almost every week!)
BUT I did find you similar (and yes that means the 1920s skirt too!) Shop below!
Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece, fashion blogger, high fashion, vintage, 1902s, fringe, CA, TX

Pretending to be in Paris

Investment Piece: Pretending to be in Paris
Investment Piece: Pretneding to be in Paris
Investment Piece: Pretending to be in Paris
Investment Piece: Pretending to be in Paris
Investment Piece: Pretending to be in Paris

Sometimes the only reasonable response to a week is to pretend to be in Paris. To find a place that gives you the feel of the city of light. A cafe with great espresso and red umbrellas. High end art and velvet couches. A dress that’s classic and red lipstick. Loves, I have a confession to make: I’ve never been to Paris. It’s on my lists, and has been at the top of my Vision Board for years, but it hasn’t happened-yet. And with all the things in the world, it may be a while till I get to go. So, while I’m determined to make Paris a reality for me, in the meantime, I spend some time making Paris a reality for me, here. This may be the part where you tell me I can’t know what Paris is like, and that might be right, but I get to create what I want, and isn’t that amazing? My Paris? Chic, fun, and has amazing wine. I get to wear amazing dresses and act like the art I love. Will the real Paris live up to mine? Well, there’s only one way to find out, and I’m willing to take one for the team, and try it out!

Loves, how can you not feel like you’re some place magical in this dress? I love the black and white, the stripe, the silk. It’s timeless and classic, and lends itself to any situation,and any magic. We may not be in Paris, but here’s hoping your Friday is full of magic–and that you get to wear something like this!


The dress is Valentino, I got it on Vestaire Collective for less than $300 and I’ve found you similar! Shop my similar and Paris inspired picks below!

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Swim (at Home)

Investment Piece: Swim Cape

I have forever been a fan of swimwear as out wear. Paired with jeans, skirts, shorts, etc, swim wear can be worn as the best kind of bodysuit/crop top.

Investment Piece, Norma Kamali, leather skirt, pleats, fashion blogger, high fashion, Ca, TX

You can see how I have promoted swimwear in the wild here.

There is no getting around that the wild looks different right now. And vacations, and swimming for that matter, look different too.

As someone who loves the beach and the water and the pool, I’m sad. As someone who wants us all to be safe, I understand. I’m also someone who believes in finding the silver linings. And my solution? Swim (at home).

Investment Piece: Swimming Pools

If our swim looks great out and about, it will also look good at home. Bonus? If you don’t want to cover up at home you don’t have to! It’s a win-win! (Of course it will still look amazing with all of your other spring and summer looks, from shorts on!)

Investment Piece: Jungle Heat

Swim as the new lounge wear? Maybe it’s not so farfetched! When I was a kid, I remember endless summer days in my swimsuit. We would go to the pool, but before (and sometimes after) I would relax in my swimsuit, read in it, eat in in. In fact, I was more likely to be in my swimsuit than not. Bringing that back might be fun.

Investment Piece: Days in LA

And if you are lucky enough to have a backyard, green space, wearing your swim at home means you’re always a step away from the water. Lately, I’ve been having a happy hour in my backyard every night. It makes the time break up, gets me some sun, and feels like a “special” place. This summer I’m hoping to add an inflatable pool to my space (see some I’m looking at here). I’ll let you know how that goes!

In the mean time, I’ll be breaking out my swim suits! And while I won’t be wearing them in the wild, I will be doing swim at home. What about you?


I’ve linked some of my current fave swim suits that would go great alone or paired here:

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Summer Mood


Investment Piece: Decisions
Investment Piece: Decisions
Investment Piece: Decisions

How do you make decisions? Not just the big ones, everyone has a method for those. I mean the kind of decisions that seem small but can be so overwhelming when you’re hot, tired, or just done with decisions.
Like what to wear.
Or what to eat.
Those kind of decisions.

And let’s be honest, even though these seem *unconsequential*, aren’t you a little nicer when you like your outfit, or got your favorite thing to eat. All decisions matter. And sometimes, not making those decisions is the way to make decisions.

Investment Piece: Decisions
Investment Piece: Decisions
Investment Piece: Decisions

Or maybe my decision is just to mix it all up?
Graphic tee? Check. Leopard? Check. Floral? Yep. Kicks with a skirt? Yes. High and low? Why not?

(You know that I have a thing for mixing patterns, gentle reminders here and here. )

It’s just too overwhelming  to make decisions, so this little outfit formula is what I’m clinging to in these times of social isolation . Wrap skirts are a chic way to beat the heat, and this leopard is on trend!
(alledgedly versions of this skirt are the current “it” skirt. This one I got on etsy (last seen here, and this number from Asos is similar and on sale!)

I can’t stay away from a graphic tee, especially when it’s Wonder Woman. It’s part of the decision to let me clothes talk for me. And wearing these kicks instead of any sandal or heel (both of which I love and would look great here) is just easy. And right now, I’m all about my decisions being easy.

So, how are you making decisions like this? Are you going for comfort? Style? Both? I’m all about decisions that make us feel good.

Investment Piece: Decisions
And if the decisions involve chocolate I’m even more on board. (Dark Chocolate is a health food!)
This bag is perfect for throwing everything in, you can see my other picks for summer bags here.

If you’re at the point where you can’t make decisions (I feel ya), the good news is that I’ve linked similar items below. Happy shopping!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece:Decisions

Swimming Pools

During our time in isolation, some of what I’m thinking about is getting in the water– if nothing else I’m determined to get an inflatable pool for the back yard so I can be in a pool. This was one of my favorite posts- a vintage suit, an empty pool. Life is a lot right now, I keep wanting to chat about fashion essentials, however, I can’t seem to get the words right, or explain to you how I want to dress up and celebrate but end up in sweats without sounding depressing. And I’m not sure what we need right now- I bounce between fantasy and reality dressing (and books!). While I figure that out (and if you have anything you’d love to see on me or on the blog PLEASE LMK), in the meantime let’s enjoy this. Let’s think about what we want to wear and do this summer, and maybe the essentials will come.

Stay safe and healthy out there!


Investment Piece: Swimming Pools
Investment Piece: Swimming Pools,
Investment Piece: Swimming Pools
Investment Piece: Swimming Pool
Investment Piece: Swimming Pool
Investment Piece: Swimming Pool
Investment Piece: Swimming Pool

Besides being an ocean baby, I’m a sucker for a great swimming pool! Even when it’s empty! I loved shooting this (and this view–I can’t wait till the pool is finished!)– the idea of a vintage suit in a new pool, it’s all the juxtatiposition I love! Suits like this one are simply amazing, though high coverage, they suck in, push up, and make you look fantastic! I paired it with a jacket of my grandma’s and a vintage hat (and pearls). Who says the pool can’t be lady like?

Though every piece is vintage, this would be an easy look to recreate using modern pieces. A great one piece, a hat, and a jacket–Summer is calling! And it would be perfect pool side or ocean side!

I linked some of my shopping picks below!

I hope you’ve loved swim week as much as I have! XO RA

Note: This post does contain some affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!