Creme de la Creme

Investment Piece: Creme de la Creme
Investment Piece: Creme de la Creme
Investment Piece: Creme de la Creme
Investment Piece: Creme de la Creme
Investment Piece: Creme de la Creme

Creme de la Creme.
The best of the best.
What does that mean?
How will you know if it’s the best of the best if you don’t try new things?
Like: shooting indoors,
Sweatshirts with gold skirts (they go with everything),
And show-stopping boots.

I recommend them all!

This combo is becoming my Creme de la Creme for the fall. I can’t stop.
I’ve linked similar items for you below–find your best!

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Investment Piece: Creme de la Creme


It’s finally fall. I know, I know, you’ve heard that one before, but this time it’s true. Most of us are enjoying cooler weather and getting to enjoy all those fall clothes (sweaters, coats, and boots) that we got in anticipation of this moment.
It’s thrilling.
And always leaves me a little apprehensive.
Here’s the thing my loves: I love sweater weather. I do. The falling temps, the layers, the comfy ways we can dress. I’m not against throwing on a sweater with boots and jeans- and most of us do, again and again. It’s a great combination. I honestly love it, and wear it again and again myself.
But it’s fall. So, what if we were a little non-basic this year?

Some of my fave ways to non-basic? I’m glad you asked!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn comission from them. Thank you for your support!

Play with your Coats
Investment Piece, fashion blogger, vintage, high fashion, CA, TX
Embrace capes. Wear your coats as dresses. Think beyond camel and black. Don’t be afraid of color and texture. Belt your coats, play with your scarves, and let the topper be the star
My picks:

Non-Basic Boots
Investment Piece, Fashionblogger, vintage, cold weather, high fashion, YSL, Valentino, CA, TX
I’m a fan of you having your basics covered- black and brown. Personally, im partial to tall boots, but if you love ankle boots I get that too (I have a few). And once we get past the basics, I vote for boots that are non-basic. Play with color, pattern, texture. Nothing says non-basic like sparkly boots with your sweaters!
My picks:

Investment Piece: Non Basic
Textures-like Velvet and wool. Vintage and modern. Soft and hard. Casual and fancy. Rock your biker boots with a dress. A sweatshirt with fancy pants. I loved pairing this vintage velvet with a maxi skirt and biker boots!

My picks:

Socks/tights with your heels
Investment Piece: Trend to Try: Socks With Peep Toes
This was one of my first posts. And if you’re not wearing your heels (yes, even peep toes. Especially peep toes) with tights and socks, you’re missing out. Do it. Not only is it warm, it adds a new look to any shoes. AND it’s a way to wear your summer shoes year round. Do it!
Some of the tights I love:

Night Wear as Day Wear
Investment Piece: Non Basic
Part mixing, part texture, all don’t think your sequins and other luxe fabrics only belong at a party. Throw on sweaters and sweatshirts with them. Put on sneakers. Don’t let the time of day tell you what to do.
My picks:

I’d love to know: how do you do non-basic fall?

End of an Era: Online Vintage Shopping Tips


A few years ago, the last episodes of “Mad Men” began to air. Can we chat for a minute about how this show affected our culture? Not just for the viewers (and yes, I’m obsessed) but in how it affected fashion. Styles always come back around –evidenced in the resurgence of the 70s on the runway–but this show made vintage, and vintage inspired dressing cool. I’ll admit–I’ve always loved vintage, there’s something about clothing that has a story that speaks to me. However, let’s be honest–it can be hard to shop for–both online and in person. The good news is there are a ton of amazing vintage shops out there–and if you find one by all means go in and look (don’t forget to try on!). With the advent of Etsy, some online shopping for vintage has gotten much easier–and the finds can be amazing. Here are some of my favorite Etsy finds as well as tips to online vintage buying!

photo 2-1 photo 2-2 photo 3-1 photo-9

1. Know your measurements, not your size.

Clothes were cut and sized differently in different eras, not to mention that certain body types go in and out of fashion (a whole blog on its own). Make sure that you measure correctly (or get someone to help you!)–and go by those. Also, depending on the fit of the dress, give yourself an inch of wiggle room–there’s nothing worse than ordering a dress and having it be too tight to breathe.

2. Research Shop Policies

Some shops take returns and exchanges, others won’t–most that I’ve found are happy to dialog with you about everything. Ask questions, send them your measurements–make friends. Knowing upfront some of your options if things don’t work out can make the purchasing process easier.

3. Have a budget and understand what you’re paying for

Some vintage is really expensive–when you factor in the rarity quality. Some is really affordable, either way make sure you know what flaws the item has–and what other costs such as alternations and shipping with cost you.

4. Buy things you will wear

This is probably a rule for life, but when I get deep in vintage holes I can lose myself in just beautiful pieces. Realistically however, there may not be a place to wear that pristine 1900 wedding dress–I know, shocking! If you are just a collector, amazing-buy at will. If you’re looking to add to your closet realistically assess whether or not you could wear it without feeling like you’re in a costume (unless you want a costume). Yes, this means that you may pass on some things, but what you’ll buy will be great when you wear it!

Some of my favorite vintage shops (where you can shop online)?
Bloomers and Frocks
The Kit Vintage
Timeless Vixen
Garment Modern</>
Of course

And so many more!

Want more shopping tips? Don’t forget to join me here!

All clothing vintage

First picture photo credit Kate Richards

I’d love to know: how do you shop for vintage online?


Fall Mornings

Investment Piece: Fall Mornings
Investment Piece: Fall Mornings
Investment Piece: Fall Mornings
Investment Piece: fall Mornings

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I love fall. But, especially right now, what I love most are fall mornings. Because if we’re honest, the “fall” I’m experiencing now is sweatshirt weather in the am then blazing hot in the afternoon. So, really fall mornings are the fall I’m working with, and I’m not holding back when it comes to dressing for fall.

What goes better with a cool, crisp morning than a great fall set? I love purple (for many reasons) and this suede skirt set is my ultimate fall morning go-to. It’s a little heavy for when the afternoons heat up, but for the mornings that are true to season, it’s simply perfect.

Investment Piece: Fall Mornings
Investment Piece: Fall Mornings

If your fall mornings call for business, sets like these are perfect: I love a great skirt set with hose and heels. The suede makes it anything but boring, and allows for your fall mornings to switch to fall nights. The great news is that sets like these also go great with boots (because we can’t have fall without boots), sneakers, or anything you want to pair with it!

Of course, the best thing about a set is that you don’t have to wear it as such. I’ve worn this skirt with graphic tees, sweatshirts, sneakers, flats, just about everything. The top I usually wear as a jacket, BUT I love it with flare jeans and boots for a pulled together chic look.

This set is vintage from Featherstone Vintage, you can find amazing finds there!

In the meantime, I’ve found similar sets and great fall boots, linked for your shopping pleasure below. I’m going to keep rocking fall in the mornings till fall lasts all day. How about you?

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Fall Mornings


Investment Piece: #GreySweatshirt
Investment Piece: #greysweatshirt
Investment Piece; #greysweatshirt
Investment Piece: #greysweatshirt

Hear me out.

What if I told you that your sweatshirts were the most versatile item in your fall waredrobe? Yes, I am partial to grey (it’s the BEST neutral), but any sweatshirt will do. There’s this rumor that wearing sweats means that you’ve given up (and at times, no one would blame you). BUT. What if wearing a sweatshirt gave you freedom?

Sweatshirts go with anything. Workout? Sweatshirt. Running errands? Sweatshirt. Jeans and no matter what shoes? Sweatshirt. Pants and skirts? Sweatshirt.

This vintage Chanel? Classic staple. And yet, I love the switch up that comes from wearing it with a grey sweatshirt. (Side note: I cannot take credit for the thought of wearing my sweatshirts inside out, which is genius for this fall-but-not-really-fall weather. Another blogger deserves credit -@seaofshoes–but I have taken this idea, run with it, let it change my life, and I can’t stop wearing them this way)

I think of this as the ultimate “transition” into fall. A sweatshirt: inside out, graphic, it doesn’t matter; a classic skirt, a classic pump (even in animal print). Perfect for crisp mornings, and you won’t overheat when it gets hot (if you’re lucky and it’s already cool all day where you live, I’m so jealous).

And loves, you’re wearing a sweatshirt!
And if you’re me, you’re wearing a grey sweatshirt!

Investment Piece: #greysweatshirt
Investment Piece: #greysweatshirt
Investment Piece: #greysweatshirt

In all honesty, I can’t think of something that a grey sweatshirt doesn’t go with (or make better). The more structured the better, though I love an oversized one (for comfort’s sake). This new way of wearing them inside out? It hides the fact that I’ve been known to wear the same grey sweatshirt more than one day in a row (not kidding), and I feel like it opens up some styling options.

I still love them with skirts. And jeans. And leggings.

Would you rock your sweatshirt inside out? What do you wear your sweatshirts with?

This skirt is vintage Chanel via Garment-Modern, these shoes are years old (but still faves), and this grey sweatshirt is actually a college number (inside out). I’ve linked similar items for your shopping pleasure below!


Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Fashion Halloween

Have I mentioned how much I love costumes? Maybe it’s the theater in me, maybe it’s the fashion, but there’s something about planning my fashion Halloween costume that brings me such joy.

I also love seeing your costumes. Yes, it’s the beginning of the month/season. But, please, feel free to share.

This year? I’m excited about all the costumes I’m planning, I’m also thinking of all the costumes past. Let’s be real- If your goal is “fashion Halloween” there are many ways you can go about it. Wear a gown and call it a day. (You could say you’re a kind of Princess) Go all out and order a costume (one of my faves year after year is Catwoman, and I’m not sorry). So, what kind of fashion Halloween should we be this year?
I’ve been Cleopatra
Investment Piece: Fashion Halloween
Betty Draper
And Lady MacBeth
Fashion Halloween, lady Macbeth, investment piece, fashion blogger,

What do I have up my stilettos for this year? Stay tuned! In the meantime, let’s enjoy the past fashion Halloweens!

I’d love to hear your costume thoughts, plans, or suggestions!

I Put a Spell on You

Investment Piece: I put a spell on you
Investment Piece: I put a spell on you
Investment Piece: I put a spell on you
Investment Piece: I put a spell on you

I put a spell on you.

And now, you’re mine.

Guilty (or not so guilty) pleasure? I LOVE the movie Hocus Pocus. I’m one of those people excited that we can watch it starting all day today through Halloween. If you haven’t seen it, please change that ASAP. You won’t regret it.

Another not-so guilty pleasure? The month of October. It’s the ultimate “fall” month. And as a bonus, we get Halloween. Do I love the cooler temps, all the pumpkins, the football, and the cozy factor? Yes. Do I love costume planning and wearing, the fun and the spookiness? Yes.

October definitely has a spell, and I for one, am glad to be under it.

Investment Piece: I put a spell on you
Investment Piece: I put a spell on you
Investment Piece: I put a spell on you

Another spell I’m under?
Fall outfits like this, built on small details.
Knit pants? Think dressy sweats. All the comfort, yet, the piping, the structure, the pockets can make them a go-to. Cozy enough for a Hocus-Pocus marathon, and dressy enough for those fall dates, I live in these during the fall.
(Note: I recommend dry cleaning as washing can lead to piling, though of course that varies by composition. These also look great with sneakers)

Snakeskin shoes? On trend
Devil Headband? I couldn’t resist.

Wildfox theme shirt? Another spell I’m happy to be under. Cheeky enough, comfy enough, and on theme enough. Wildfox has shirts like these year around, but their Halloween offerings are always my favorite.
(They can also double as a last minute costume if you need them to!)

Spell binding? Absolutely.
Variations on this outfit can take you through the whole month, and if that’s not something to make you say “I put a spell on you”, I don’t know what will.
See the movie. Please

I’ve linked similar items below including my current favorite Wildfox items!
What puts a spell on you?

Note: this post does contain some affiliate links. While this does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Shop Here

Or here:

Investment Piece: I put a spell on you

October Blues

It’s officially fall and I’ve spent most of the week fighting a cold/allergeries. It’s been one of those weeks where work, scheduling, most everything has been rearranged and moved aside in an effort to recuperate and feel like myself again. Things that help? Outfits like this. Shoes that wrap. Skylines and slits. Stay tuned for updated looks and new things coming. Here’s to entering the weekend feeling like our best selves! Xo RA

Investment Piece: October Blues
Investment Piece: October Blues
Investment Piece: October Blues
Investment Piece: October Blues
Investment Piece: October Blues
Investment Piece: October Blues

October Blues are a thing.
The colder weather, the shorter days, the change in the air–it can leave you feeling a little down. The only cure I know of? Deep breaths, leaning into the change, and getting excited about sweaters and boots. All valid things.

The good news? Loves, these are the kind of October Blues that involve sad feelings, deep breaths, or even loving sweaters. These October Blues are the kind that make you want to dance, that go with any kind of weather, and doesn’t require a love of boots (though you should still probably be excited about boots). This is blue silk and crepe. This is a bell sleeve, a wrap top, and a slit that goes there. This is the kind of October Blue that can make you happy now and later. And loves, that’s an October Blue I can get behind.

In pieces this Cult Gaia ensemble is amazing. The top would go great with jeans, trousers, a different skirt. The skirt? I’ve already worn it with a great graphic tee (I’ve already worn it with my Tom Petty tee), a white button down, or one of those beloved sweaters. And the silk is some of the softest I’ve felt in a while. I love the drama that the lace up shoes bring, and who can go wrong with a vintage Bottega Venetta clutch? The real trick here for October blues? Besides blue, it’s simply trusting that one color can carry an outfit. I’m a huge fan of monochromatic looks, and while the sleeves and the slit help, I think that any one color look can make an impact!

I got this limited edition Cult Gaia from Moda Operandi, and while it’s no longer avaible, the feeling of the look is so easy! Any skirt and top can mimic this feel (and I’ve linked my faves below), you simply need to embrace a monochromatic look, have some fun, and find yourself a rooftop!

If you’re still suffering from October Blues, I can recommend apple cider and wine. If that doesn’t work, you’re on your own!

Shop my picks below, they do contain affiliate links (I get commission though there is no added cost to you!

Happy October Blues!

Another great place to shop Cult Gaia:

Investment Piece: October Bues

Fashion Stories: Ossie Clark

Loves! It’s the time of month where we go into our closets to see what stories live there. This month? I was lucky enough to chat with Lauren from Timeless Vixen about her Ossie Clark collection. It’s amazing. And I can’t wait to get back into her closet and really play. Also –I’d love to come play in your closet! What do you collect?

In the meantime, let’s enjoy my convo with Lauren about her 109 pieces of Ossie Clark (yes, her closet is #goals)

Hope you enjoy!


Holiday Red

Investment Piece: Holiday RED
Investment Piece: Holiday Red

I got to spend some time this week with one of my loves, Timeless Vixen, chatting all things Ossie Clark, this shade of red, and the things we keep in our closets. I can’t wait to share our conversation with you! In the meantime, I can’t stop thinking about this dress. Ever get the feeling that you may have to wear something? Yes, I do. Until I break this holiday red number out, let’s relieve this post. Updated shopping options below! Xo RA

Holiday Red: it’s the color of the season, but that doesn’t mean it has to be cliche. Your holiday red can be classic, modern, or come with a twist. In fact, let your holiday red be the red that they didn’t see coming; be it a dress, skirt, pantsuit, or top. Let your red celebrate the holiday and you. Holiday Red? Let’s do it!

Investment Piece: Holiday Red
Investment Piece: Holiday Red
Investment Piece: Holiday Red

My Holiday Red? Classic with some dramatic details. I love that it’s old Holiday glam look; I feel like a complete movie star in it. Yet, the details are a bit modern and shocking. The cut out in the back, the slit in the front, the apron wrap all make this vintage dress feel modern. We know that I love anything that combines vintage and modern, has juxatipositons, and feels amazing to be in. This holiday red? It does all three.

This holiday red is my first Ossie Clark, so it’s very special to me. (You can read about Ossie Clark here.) While I love all the “new” pieces in my closet, when I get the chance to add a piece that’s “new to me”, but carries with it such a history, I love it! I found this dress on etsy, and I couldn’t pass up a chance to own my own Ossie! The fact that this dress is holiday red and perfect for the season is just a bonus!

Investment Piece: Holdiay Red
Investment Piece: Holiday Red

Holiday Red, in all its forms, is perfect for any party, family event, or just when your mood needs a boost. Wear it simply with a great pair of heels (I love red with black and gold) or add statements (the right red dress and lots of sparkly jewelry), holiday red can be as much about you as it is about the holiday. In fact, holiday red doesn’t have to only come out at the holidays. Wear red all year long, and celebrate anything you want–even if it’s just a Monday!

I’ve linked similar dresses and reds that I love below. I’d love to know: How are you doing holiday red this season?


Note: This post does contain some affiliate links. While I do receive commission off of these links, this does not affect the price for you.

Investment Piece: Holiday Red