Ex Files: Pandemic BreakUps

Investment Piece: Ex Files

My loves, I have been loving our recent video chats for Sunday Chronicles, chatting about all the things that we’re going through during this Pandemic. But. I couldn’t bring myself to do one this week. This week felt heavy, sad, and anxious, and I felt like I had nothing else to say. I’m sure that will change 🙂 But as I began to think about this time of isolation and what we’re all going through, I couldn’t help but think of ex-files and how awful it must be right now to break up with someone. What would be worse? A zoom break-up or having to still live with someone you’re no longer dating?

I’m lucky that I am not in either of those situations, but I’ve been amazed (in all meanings of that word) of people who are. The stories range from relatable to down right horror. Here are some that stand out for me:

Getting Dumped During a Pandemic

7 People on their Pandemic Break-ups

Zoom Breakups and Live in Exes

And Social Distancing BreakUps

I can only imagine how hard it is, when I deal with breakups there’s no cure like a girls night (out or in), and right now that’s not really a possibility. How are you dealing with relationships right now? Dating and friends? Personally, there are days when I can’t bring myself to deal with anyone, and I’m grateful for friends who know that my silences aren’t signs of issues.

I would love to hear your stories. I hope that you’re staying safe and healthy. And that this week is a good week for us all.

Wishing us isolation with people who care about us and amazing shoes!