Now and Then: Pleated Jeans

Investment Piece: Pleated Jeans

I shop vintage. I shop new. (I’m equal opportunity that way!) One thing that sometimes fascinates me is the new trends that you can find vintage (often for less!). There are nights that I will spend down rabbit holes looking at both new clothes and vintage clothes- often in the same style.

Because I love both vintage and new, and want us all to have ALL the options I’ve decided to let you in on some of my searches- and this month I’m looking at pleated jeans! The truth is that I used to hate pleated pants. HATE them. Would avoid them at all costs, HATED them. Over the years, my opinion has changed. I know love flowing pleated trousers (I guess never say never). And. I’m coming around to pleated jeans- they do add a bit of sophistication so if you’re wearing your jeans to any work or “event”, they pair beautifully with blouses. Or tank tops.

My main tip with pleated jeans is to make sure that they aren’t too tight. In between sizes? Size up. Ensure that there’s a wider leg. To balance out the pleats you need a bit of volume.

Maybe, like me, you’re coming around to pleats in your pants I have great news! Pleats (in such chic silhouettes) are available both new and vintage!
The advantages of buying new? The cuts can feel a bit more modern, there’s often more stretch in the fabric, and you are guaranteed to find your size.
The advantage of buying vintage? Often SO much cheaper, they’re already broken in, and let you stand out just a bit.

The reality? So you didn’t have to, I spent a bit of time looking at both new and vintage pleated jeans. Most of them looked EXACTLY the same. It truly comes down to what you’re looking for: new or vintage. Now or then?

I’ve linked some of my favorite new pleated jeans below. And a few vintage ones that I love (I know with vintage they may not be your size! I would recommend searching Etsym or if you need help finding vintage jeans please reach out and I’ll help!)

Are you rocking pleated jeans? From now or then? I would love to hear about it!

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