Sunday Chronicles: Routines

I wrote this about a year ago. At the time I was in desperate need of some structure. I found a system that worked (mostly for me). Then. life. A new day (side) gig. Changes in home life and work life. And I find myself again needing some structure. Needing a way to get myself on a routine- as it turns out keeping me on a routine is part of my self care. Here are still my thoughts on it:

a woman in white shorts and a white blazer in front of a stone wall

What’s that saying? Danger can hurt you but routine can kill you? Something like that. And I get it- we don’t want our routines to be a rut. Ruts, more than routines, I think are what can kill us. But- what if instead of a routine, you’re in chaos (aka no routine and nothing to anchor you). Isn’t that the most dangerous of all?

And, for a while, it feels as if chaos is where I’ve been, so I’m yearning for routine.

It started in the middle of lockdown. I’m an introvert, and have always worked from home. Yet, with no schedule (like my gym classes) to really anchor me, I become a bit all over the place. There were nights when I would stay up so late (not doing anything but watching reruns), and then nights when I went to bed at 8pm. Days when I would get a ton of deadlines met and days when the most productive thing I would do is have coffee. I get it- we were all (and still are) going through things and dealing as we could.

But. What I’ve learned about myself? I need routine, a schedule, something to anchor me. I need to know what days I’m shooting and which I’m writing, when my workouts are, and (for sanity) to have a “regular” bedtime.

(of course with a routine it makes the days when you deviate from it SPECIAL. But you have to have the routine first!)

So, starting this week I’m getting myself back on a routine. I’m actually excited about it- as I feel as if a routine will help me thrive, and not just survive. Naturally, we all need different structure, but how I’m going about it is I’m giving myself some guidelines, with the understanding that sometimes they will be broken, but with the intent to stick to them 98% of the time. What am I doing? Bedtimes (by 10), workouts (booked and the ones at home given a time), scheduling days for all my activities: cleaning, laundry, shooting, admin, etc. It’s not to suck the fun out of anything, though it does feel a bit like the 2 weeks before school when my mom would make us get back on a school routine instead of a summer one, but to help me be my best self. Therefore, able to have more fun.

And I’m adult enough to know doing what’s best for me is fun! (And yet not adult enough that I think this decision warrants something new!)

What are your routines? Do you find that you need them? Or are you ok just playing it by ear all the time? I would love to know about it!

Wishing us all a week of what’s best for us and amazing shoes! XO RA