Sunday Chronicles: Seasons

a woman in a brown faux leather top and pants with a gold belt and black peep toe pumps by a fence and a white brick wall

To Everything: Turn, Turn, Turn
There is a season: Turn, Turn, Turn

My mom loved that song by the Byrds when I was a kid- and would sing it to us often. (And yes, it comes from a Bible verse!) As an adult I often sing this (or say it- singing isn’t in my list of talents) to myself to remind myself that seasons in life are normal. And needed. As another saying goes- nothing blooms all the time, so seasons of growth, of rest, and then of blooming are all a part of it. True of life, true of fashion (even as “reasonless” options get advertised to us).

A combination of life and fashion? I can often tell different seasons of my life by my go-to outfits. For example, there was a time in my life when a bunch of my schedule was going to the gym then changing into a form of lounge wear for errands. Then my location and schedule changed and the in-between outfits were cut as I would go from gym to home or gym to my day. Seasons where I have been in jeans a ton. Seasons where I would only wear dresses (true story as a young kid I would ONLY wear dresses, leotards or shorts. I don’t think I wore jeans will I was 10!)

We’ve been in a liminal season, with the pandemic and being at home more. And the changes that we all have been through- perhaps still going through- have changed not only our lives but a lot of how we’re dressing. Perhaps that (the pandemic, and honestly the recent actors strike) has me thinking about seasons. How we weather them, how they’re needed and not to be feared- and how to move from one season to the next.

I think it’s very easy (and tempting) to believe that seasons aren’t needed- or to rush them. Part of this (I believe) is that seasons take time. No matter what your “bloom” is- it takes time. And a part of it is the season of rest. Not creating. Then creating -blooming- takes its own time. We don’t live in a society that gives time. We want things instantly. Social media has led us to think we can only show highlights and finished products- or perhaps I should say that social media doesn’t reward any season that isn’t “blooming”. So most of us (me, it’s me!) feel like we should always be blooming (and maybe beat ourselves up when we don’t. Again -it’s me!)

As a creative and a human I know we need different seasons. I know that we need rest and inspiration and blooming-spring, summer, fall and winter. Yet-I can’t help but feel pressured to always be blooming. Perhaps these feelings have come to a head because I do feel like the past for years for me have been seasons of rest, of laying low- not of blooming. I have been painfully aware of that. And while I feel I might be ready to bloom again- there is a bit of fear and pressure around it.

Other seasons in my life have happened a bit naturally. This season I’m hyperaware, and yet also a bit unsure of what lays ahead. In the midst of that feeling that my body, my outfit, my pictures, my creativity must be 10000% perfect while changing, while coming out (still being in) an off season is –something I don’t know is comfortable and I don’t know how to spin as always blooming. Do you feel this way too? Is it really just me?

Knowing that seasons take their time, and change, and are all a part of it- singing the song to myself- helps. Being honest, even when it’s not social media shiny, helps. And having a bit of faith that all of our next seasons will get us where we need to be (because of course they will!) helps. What helps you when you’re feeling a season shift?

Any tips you have about seasons and how to navigate them are always appreciated!

Wishing us all a week of shiny moments and amazing shoes! XO RA