Sunday Chronicles: Setting the Tone

Investment Piece: Setting the Tone

If you managed to catch up over the winter break I’m incredibly jealous. I had all sorts of plans and goals, and while I got things done, I’m still behind.

January is seen as a fresh start. And I love that! From setting my goals to taking stock to making lists, this a month I really relish. Usually, I love really taking my time in January (setting the tone if you will), really grounding myself, writing out my goals, and setting my year in motion.

This year has started a bit different, and this week has been a lot. On top of that, I’ve been under the weather, which has made everything a bit more difficult. One of my goals? Work on my time management- which has been hard when my energy levels are consistently zapped and little things are taking forever. Nothing is horrid, but since I’ve usually written goals, made plans, and set myself on a schedule after the holidays, it feels disconcerning to not have all that done.
And while I know I’ll get caught up- I’ll sit down, really think about what I want, write my goals, and start working towards them. I’ll get caught up. (If you’re in the same boat is me, you will too!)

But, even though I trust that, why am I so uneasy about being behind now?

For me, I think it’s a fear about setting the tone. We live in a society that prizes productivity and shuns rest (ironic as rest is a part of productivity, but that’s another conversation), and I think there’s a part of me worried that a slower than normal start (and a bad week) are setting the tone for a bad year. Super weird if you think about 2020 (or super explains the worry!) I know that even if I were ahead and written out all my goals and all the things, that not everything could have been accomplished this week. We’re given 52 weeks, not 1 for many reasons.
Beyond that, I know that rest and giving myself time, meeting myself where I am, and taking care of myself is part of my goals, and sets a healthy tone for the year.
Yet. I’m still uneasy with it.

However, all we can do us what we can do, and all we can do is take care of ourselves. Right?
My plan for the week? Carve out some time to work on my goals. Set a schedule. Rest. Work. Maybe even find time to play. I hope that the tone I set will take care of me all year long. And that if doesn’t, I can find it easy to adjust.

What about you? Are you a tone setter? How do you feel about the tone you’re setting right now? Any tips?

Wishing us all a week of great tones and amazing shoes!