Sunday Chronicles: Structure

Investment Piece: Back on the Grind

There is so much going on right now. In the world. Probably in your world.
Even though we are spending more time at home I often feel like I’m busier than ever. And yet, still days when I have no time and get nothing done. A paradox, I know.

Among all the things right now, one thing I’m really struggling with is structure.

I can be bad at time management in the best of times, over and under estimating how long it will take to do something. I’ve been known to procrastinate. Working from home, like I have for years, has always had its challenges. But, in the before, I was always able to manage. Have a schedule, that if it was loose, I could stick to. My days had rhythm and were a mix of work and relaxation. I had structure.

Now, I feel like that’s all gone out the window.

Working at home, living at work, having no where to go, it’s taken a toll on my schedule. On my structure. And some of that has been great! I feel like I’m finally learning how what I want in a home and a schedule, what really makes a day great, and how to motivate myself.
Some has been hard. With a schedule that can be all over the place, it has been difficult to work on some days. Things are hard to start, stick to, and little things seem to eat up my time. I’m at home more but haven’t had a true, full day off in months.
The good days are really good, but the bad days are really bad.

A friend of mine recently shared that she had started am/pm rituals for herself. They sound great-turning off her phone at 8pm, an early morning walk. I’ve been meaning to add those kind of structures to my day, but nothing has stuck yet.

I know that this post is a bit more down that I usually write. Even when I don’t have the answers (which can be often), I try to stay upbeat. And I hope that is coming through! Even on the days when I feel like I’m flailing there are good things.

But I know I do better with a little bit of structure. And I’m not 10000% sure how to create that for myself right now.

What are you doing? What’s your daily schedule? Are you able to stick to it right now?
I would love any tips you have to share!

Wishing us all a week of structure and amazing shoes!