Sunday Chronicles: The Busiest Month of the Year

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People will tell you that the holiday season, aka Novemeber-January, is the busiest time of year. These people are wrong. The busiest month of the year? May. For me at least.

May is full of birthdays. My birthday, my mom’s birthday, cousins, uncles, aunts, friends. I can go through this month day by day and list someone who has a birthday. Some days have 2-3 people I know who have birthdays.

And then there’s graduations.

And Mother’s Day.

End of the school year, beginning of wedding season, and that’s just the top of the list.

May feels like one of those months that keeps going and going and going and going.
The question isn’t “will we be busy”? The question is “What are we going to do about being so busy?”

These commitments aren’t things I can back out of, or most of them aren’t. So, I’ve learned to be very intentional with my time during May. Yes, there are a ton of things I HAVE to do in May. But there are things I don’t. I say no to the events that will push me over the edge, and I don’t let myself feel guilty about it.

Each week, I make sure that one of my “plans” is a night home for me. I’ve learned that I’m an introvert, and I can’t go all the time. I need time alone, doing nothing to recharge. That is a gift I give to me, and you, so that I can keep doing all the things that I do.

I try not to stack events. Yes, it happens sometimes, but being booked from early in the morning till late at night isn’t the best for anyone. So, I spread my busy out. I try to say yes to the events that are the most fun for me, and with the people that I really care about seeing. Does this strategy always work? Nope. But it helps.

Most importantly, when I’m this busy, I try to keep the big picture in mind. These events are happening because I’m lucky enough to have people in my life that are worth celebrating. A month of crazy is a small price to pay for all of them.

What do you do when your schedule is overwhelming? I’d love to hear all the tips you got!

Here’s to a week of schedules and amazing shoes!