The Waiting

Are you getting anything done right now? At all? How?
I’m an actress by trade. I’ve had more callbacks than you can count, and have waited on pins and needles to see if I got a part. I can have the patience of a saint. However, this election waiting? A new ball game.

(Fingers crossed by the time this is posted the race has been called)

This is not a political blog. This is not a rant. But I find myself thinking about our stories- both personal and collective. How they influence and take over each other. What we wear to tell each.
This moment is a bit unique- it’s a collective waiting, a collective story, a collective moment. Is it taking all the oxygen from your personal stories? Do you find yourself dressing for the collective story or for your own?

I gave into the collective, but dream of the personal. Aka I’m in sweats hitting refresh on my phone, but stress shopping everything from chic leggings to fall dresses and boots. That’s a part of my story, and this outfit is part of it. Dressing for the collective story is no less valid than dressing for your own story.

What are you doing while you wait? What are you wearing? What story are you telling?

I’m so fascinated by it all. Tell me everything!

Here’s to not waiting!