Sunday Chronicles: Traditions

Investment Piece: A Merry Little Christmas

It’s the time of year when we hold tight to our traditions. Which is silly in some aspects, as traditions are present throughout the year- how we take our tea, our routines in all areas of life, but at this time of year, it feels like traditions are the forefront and the story. At this time of year, traditions seem to be what we focus on- from the family member who insists that we have to do holidays the way we’ve always done, to the traditions we’re making new with new people in our lives.

My family traditions have changed over the past few years, and are still changing. I’m lucky that both of my parents are still active, and we still do Christmas at my mom’s. But as my sister and I change our lives (and neither of us has kids), our traditions are slowly changing.

I have to say- I don’t hate that.

As a kid, I loved nothing more than running down early on Christmas to see our Santa gifts, and open all the presents. Now that I’m an adult, I love sleeping a tad bit later, still seeing what Santa brought, but then drinking champagne and eating with my parents and sister. It’s different, but our new tradition. And who’s to say that new is worse than old? Isn’t it just different?

This is not to say that I don’t think it’s sometimes hard to change our traditions, change is never easy when it comes to long standing views. But sometimes it’s necessary. And don’t tell my stubborn nature, but sometimes different, or new, can be just as good as the old (sometimes better). When we evolve (or change) our traditions, there’s always an adjustment. A worry about what we’re giving up. But what about what we gain?

There are years when I really miss how the holidays were when I was a kid. But. There are times when I love how the holidays are now- and wouldn’t change that for the world. As we change, it only makes sense that our traditions, how we celebrate, what we celebrate changes. If we come a long way, shouldn’t our traditions?

Lately, I’ve been attempting not to hold too tightly to “how things were done” or “traditions” from my childhood. Not because I didn’t love them, but because I am making room for what I love now. The 5yo me would not love what I do now on Chrismas- but yet grown up on my doesn’t want I wanted at 5. Maybe evolving our traditions is a good thing?

What traditions have you changed? How do you feel about that?

Wishing us all a week of happy traditions and amazing shoes!