Unexpected Loss

Investment Piece: Aunt's Coat

This Wednesday my Aunt passed away unexpectedly. It’s been a time of shock, grief and wondering how best to support and remember our loved ones. You’ll forgive me- my schedule got out of wack and I’ve been feeling as if jumping into new (which we have!) isn’t best here. How I honor, remember and love is often through fashion. My aunt had a huge heart- and she was kind enough to give me so many amazing pieces. Like the coat above. And a polka dot Victor Costa which I’ve never photographed for the site, but may need to. Please indulge me while I take a moment to honor and remember my aunt through our shared fashion- stories. There’s never a bad time to tell your people that you love them. And if you too find yourself with an unexpected loss I hope it gets easier- because I’m hoping that it does get easier!


Investment Piece: Aunt's Coat
My Aunt’s suede coat that she gifted me

Investment Piece: BackYard Parties
My Aunt’s Diane Fries that she gifted me

a woman in blue and yellow floral dress standing in a green yeard