Sunday Chronicles: VOTE!

Investment Piece: Be Ambitious

Beloveds, if you’re in the States you know that Election Day is 11/3, but voting has started! Several states have begun early voting, mail in voting, and absentee voting! It’s a great day to research the voting places in your district, to research your local and federal races, and to make your voting plan (if you haven’t already!). My state opens early voting on Tuesday, and my plan is to get in and cast my ballot ASAP.

Your voice is important. You matter. Your vote matters (otherwise no one would be trying to make it hard to vote). I’m not going to claim that voting is the only route to change- but I will say that change happens at the local levels (the mayor in Jaws was still the mayor in Jaws 2!) and that I believe in our duty to be involved. We know I love shoes, but what’s more important than those? Voting. Let’s make our voices heard.

See you at the polls!

Wishing us all a week of civic duty and amazing shoes!