Trend to Try: Short Shorts

Investment Piece: Trend to Try: Short Shorts

This “trend to try” is not:
*Something I’ve tried
*Something I’ve seen out yet (though I love these editorials)
*Something you could wear to work

BUT I love it.

These short shorts give off such a vintage vibe (they remind me of play suits), would be perfect for the summer, and I love how daring and fun they are.

Investment Piece: Trend to try: Short Shorts

To be clear, we aren’t talking about your mom’s short shorts. (Though if she has some that you love, rock those!) These shorts are almost hot pants: super short, designed to elongate your legs, and for some reason I’ve only seen them in stripes.

I’m sure that there are verisions of this short that are not stripes, I just haven’t seen them. These Khaite shorts and these MDS Stripes shorts have been all over my Instagram feed lately, and I couldn’t help but be intrigued by them. Shorts and I have a love/hate relationship (I’m not the only one who worries that shorts make my legs look weird, right?), but I’m wanting to try these–and yes, they are short.

You could make these work or outing appropriate, I love the above picture with the shorts under a dress. OR you could be daring, and wear them with a blouse or shirt and heels and sandals. And of course, they would look amazing pool or beach side.

Investment Piece: Trend to try: Short Shorts

Things I think we should keep in mind when we try short shorts:

*The biggest thing to wear with a piece like this is confidence. If you love it, people will love it. There is no hiding that the shorts are short. I think the trick is to embrace that. Also, maybe we broke our legs?

* Super short and super tight often don’t go well together. These aren’t the shorts to wear completely oversized but don’t be afraid to play with the fit here. I hate to try things on (but I love shopping, another one of my juxatipositons), but these short shorts are a piece to play with the fit.

I would love to know: would you dare to try these short shorts?

Below I’ve linked some other pairs I’ve found, but I have to say I’m loving these stripes!


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