Trend to Try: Leopard (EVERYTHING)

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Ok. You got me. Leopard is not a trend to try. In fact, haven’t you heard? Leopard is a neutral (everyone says so). I love a great leopard piece: shoes, skirts, dresses, pants, jackets, tops, you name it. It goes with everything (I love mine with pops of color and concert tees) and yet manages to stand out. I’m a fan of anything that knows when to blend in and when to say something, so it’s no secret that leopard and I are old friends:

Investment Piece: Trend to Try: Leopard
Investment Piece, fashion, style, high fashion, vintage, indecision, dolce Gabbana, CA, TX
Investment Piece, fashion, Jcrew, how to, ca, Tx

And I’ve always done my best to alert you to all the amazing leopard pieces I find. I feel as if leopard makes an appearance on every fall trends list (see the one I did this year here), but this year is special. Yes, leopard is still on the list, but look in every store, every magazine, every editorial. Leopard EVERYTHING is everywhere.

Leopard suits (I love the blue one from Banana Republic pictured above. Shop it here). Leopard pants. Leopard shoes. Leopard skirts. Leopard dresses. Leopard everything you can think of. Not only is it available everywhere you shop, but we’re being shown outfits, outfit inspiration, and outfits to try that include leopard not as a neutral or as a statement but as the star, and leopard everything. I LOVE it. Leopard suits? Let’s wear them. Leopard skirts with leopard shoes? Let’s do it. A leopard dress and a leopard belt? I’m in!

#InvestmentPiece #trendtotry #leopard

What about you? Are you on board with leopard everything? Do you prefer to keep leopard as an accent? Do you wear leopard as a neutral?

I’d love to know!!

I’ve picked some of my favorite leopard items below (these are affiliate links, I do get some commission from them, but that does not affect your price). These would be great as an accent to anything you own, layered together, or with more neutrals. I would love to know how you rock your leopard!


And loves, as it is Halloween, if you’re scrambling for a last minute costume: try all leopard! Then you are a leopard! Have fun and be safe tonight!

PS LOVES! It’s the day of our giveaway (check details here.) We’re waiting till the end of the day to give you time to get your entry in and we will contact the winner tomorrow! Good Luck!

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