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Usually, around this time, we would be talking about cleaning out our closets. I would pull out all my things and go through them, weed out what no longer serves me, and either give it away or sell it.

I detail my process here and here. I write a lot about cleaning out your closet- not because I love it- but because I think it’s a more complicated than just getting rid of things. Search closet in the search bar!

Honestly? This year I have no emotional bandwidth to clean out my closet. I haven’t since the pandemic started. It’s not that I can’t identify clothes that aren’t fitting my life, in some cases me, or that may need to be let go of. But I am in no way ready or able to deal with all of that. Because I don’t know how long all of this will last. Because I know that I don’t make great choices when I’m super emotional, and I know that right now going through my closet would be emotional.

So, if you’re in the same spot- it’s ok. There’s no deadline on cleaning out. There’s no mandate that you have to do it. Now may not be the time to clean out your closet. For me it isn’t. And that’s aok!

Investmnt Piece: Closet Organization

While I’m not cleaning out my closet, what very much sounds good to me is closet organization. I want to know where all my things (treasures) are. I want that space to be efficient and help me get dressed easily.
How am I going about that? Almost the same way that I clean out! I’m dividing my clothes into sections (for me it’s vintage (both day and dressy)/dresses/tops/pants/skirts/bags/shoes- and it grows from there. I’m looking at turning a room into a closet- with all the shelves and more that I need. There’s an accounting of what I need (space) and what serves me (being able to see all my things), and see what works.

I’m not showing you now, as this is a work in progress, and to be very honest I’m not 100% sure what it’s looking like. But I know getting my ducks (shoes) in a row will help me feel better.

What about you? Are you cleaning out? Organizing? A combination of the two? How’s it going? What are you learning? Tell me everything!

I’m linking closet organization systems below that I’m thinking of using in my own closet!


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