Not in the Spirit

Investment Piece: A Merry Little Christmas

It’s the “most wonderful time of the year”, and the season so many of us look forward to! And yet, if we’re honest, the holiday season is also full of obligations and stress. Sometimes the most stressful thing about this season is pretending that we’re not stressed out, as there is so much pressure to “be jolly”. This is a fashion blog (and yes, sometimes my response to stress is to buy myself something fabulous), and I don’t *not* recommend fashion as a way to deal with stress (or as a way to get yourself in the holiday spirit), but I also know that sometimes it takes more than the perfect party shoe to make the holidays Merry.

So. What do you do when you’re not in the Spirit?

Investment Piece: Not in the Spirit

My paternal grandmother was infamous for her holiday parties and baking. She would start in July to make sure that all the cookies/cakes/pies/etc were ready for the season. And in July she would listen to holiday music to ensure that love and the jolly thoughts were baked into all her goodies. I’m not one to start prepping for the holiday season in July, but I do believe in music. And movies! Putting on some of my holiday songs (I’ve recently fallen in love with this rendition of “O Holy Night” and who doesn’t love “All I Want for Christmas is You?”) or one of my favorite holiday movies (see Miracle on 34th St, White Christmas, Muppet Christmas Carol, Jingle Jangle, or Christmas in Connecticut). Is it cliche? Yes. Do they help? Yes. Even when I’m spiraling and worrying about my to-do list or the work that I should be doing, or worrying that my cards or gifts are late, that I’m not doing enough- these little things help me calm down and get in the spirit.

Investment Piece: Holiday Dressing

We know I believe that fashion is simply a medium with which to tell our stories- so it should come as no surprise that I use fashion to lift my spirits, to get me in the mood, to help me tell the stories that I want to tell (the happy holidays one not the super stressed one). From party dresses to plaids to velvets to Christmas Sweaters (they make me happy!). Putting on an outfit that makes me feel good makes me feel more in the holiday spirit. (It’s a fashion blog, you had to know this would be coming!)

Investment Piece: fashion stories,

But beloveds, especially after the past few years, I know that these small and easy fixes aren’t always enough to get you into the holiday spirit when you’re not. The overwhelm and stress at this time of year can be a lot. I have no easy answers, but if you’re feeling that way I want you to know that you’re not alone. And that any and all of the feelings you’re having are valid.

If you have any tips for what to do when you’re not in the spirit, I would love to hear them. In the meantime, no matter how frazzled you are, I hope you’re wearing someone hint greatand it gets you in the spirit!


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