What Season Is It?

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August might be my least favorite month. Yes, it’s the heat and the fact that the entire month feels like one long Sunday (even if your schedule is not tied to the school year). But because August -yep, still the summer- often feels as if we’re supposed to be knee deep in fall.

This is not supposed to be a knock against any Leos, August babies or even the last bits of vacation. And I realize that if you’re in certain parts of Europe, you’re on vacation this month and let me tell you, I’m so envious! Also- some of my favorite people were born in August. Perhaps it’s not the month but rather the mood of August that always leaves me feeling as if I have to ask: what season is it?

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Here are my issues with August: it’s hot. Like 104 (here) hot. And yes, it will be hot through October, but August heat feels so very oppressive. And it’s so very clearly summer. Yes, I know that school might be starting, and if you have kids or teach that’s a huge schedule change for you.

Let’s be honest, even if you don’t have kids-like me- our lives are usually said to be done around the school calendar, from holidays to retail sales. Every store you go into right now has signage about “back to school”, and so much fashion (even the fall fashion I’m excited about!) isn’t always weather orientated but school orientated.

So, is August, a summer month, summer or fall? Do we treat it as summer or fall? What season do we dress for?

FYI This is where I tell you, at least this year, it’s so hot (have I mentioned it’s like 104 every day) that I can’t really think about coats or sweaters, or even layering for transitional weather!

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And yet, This is the time when I’m supposed to tell you about fall trends, style, home decor. At at time when the heat is so intense I can barely bother to get dressed for the day. (Seriously, there have been Augusts where I could get through the day only by wearing swimsuits. All Day.
Perhaps it’s just me that feels as if August, while a summer month, is also a month in flux because of schedules. Perhaps I’m the only one who feels weird pushing fall in the heat. Perhaps I’m the only one asking what season is it when August feels like it’s an in-between season between how it feels outside and what shops are pushing.

But maybe I’m not. I’m all for fall fashion – and there are trends and a few pieces I can’t wait to tell you about. But it’s also HOT. And summer. And if you can’t bear to think about anything that’s not a bathing suit I get it. I also understand if you’re looking forward to fall and shopping and in that mode. Here, we will try to accommodate both seasons (fall and summer) in the month of August. If you have strong preferences or needs- fell free to let us know!

What season do you consider August?

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