Fashion Stories: End of Summer

Investment Piece: Summer Mood

At the beginning of every season I get so excited about all the outfits to come. I plan so many things that I want to wear, I sometimes even get over zealous in thinking about all the things I want to wear. Then-especially in the past two years- life happens and all the outfits sometimes don’t end up happening. We change seasons, I get excited about the next one and the end of the season sometimes goes without me properly enjoying all those outfits.

This year. While I am looking forward to fall, I’m determined to enjoy the end of summer. End of summer will be full of great plans and greater outfits. I’m spending a day or so looking at outfits from summers (and summers past) thinking and planning out what I want my end of summer to look like.

Investment Piece: Surprise Ending

Should I make sure to wear all my vintage swim?

Investment Piece: Don't go in the Water

Get in my fave summer shirt more than once? Maybe with white jeans?

Investment Piece: Ruffles and Stripes

Pull out all the straw acessories and the one of my most perfect summer dresses?

Investment Piece: Summer Version
Spend some time in my summer robe (I only wear as a dress)?

Investment Piece: Diving In
Swim sweater?

Investment Piece: End of Sumer
Spend the end of summer in the best caftan?

Investment Piece: How to Blow Out Summer
Wear all white?

Investment Piece: Days in LA

Wear all my bikini tops as tops?

Investment Piece: Summer's Greatest Hits
More crochet?

Investment Piece: End of Summer
Blazers with shorts?

This summer I attempted not to have too plans (I was worried about them not being fulfilled). But I did want to wear all the sundresses, all the swimsuits, and all the white sets. I haven’t worn everything that I wanted to yet, but I figure I still have a bit of time till the true end of summer is here. What did you want to wear this summer? What have you worn? What do you need to still wear? I’m still making my list and would love your I put- and of course I will share what I end up wearing!


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