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Investment Piece: Hostess Gifts

Starting this week, you may be attending (or hosting) holiday meals and events with your friends, family, and co-workers. As a child my mom instilled in me the importance of a hostess gift (and a thank you), and now that I’ve hosted my fair share of events, I have OPINIONS about them.

This isn’t about what side or drink you may have been asked to contribute (of course take that!), but rather a small (or big) token to let the host know how much you appreciate being in their home. Hostess gifts do make a difference and are a great way to thank the person who may have deep cleaned and been cooking for days.

While there’s nothing wrong with a bottle of wine, flowers, a plant, etc as I’ve gotten older (and hosted) I’m more touched by a hostess gift that has some thought behind it. Hostess gifts that meant that my friends and family really paid attention to my needs, decor, hobbies have stayed in the front of my mind for years.

Of course, you know your loved ones best, but I can’t imagine any host not loving a gift that was personal, thoughtful, tailored to their interests. I’m thinking personalized serving ware or linens. Games that they love. The weighted throw they’ve been wanting. Any of those I think would be such a thoughtful gift (though again, they may also love a bottle of wine to share with you!).

Below, I’ve rounded up some things I would love if I were hosting! I would love to know- what’s your go-to hostess gift?


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