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Investment Piece: Happy Thanksgiving

I’m a football fan, and there’s a phenomenon called “playing ahead”, it’s where a team gets so focused on an upcoming opponent that they “forget” about the team they’re playing the current week. In football it can lead to losing games you “should have” won. While we might not chat about it, I think it happens in fashion too. Though, for outfits it’s not so much that you “lose” a game, it’s more that you get so focused on what to wear later that you forget about the outfits you could be wearing now.

Aka, I get so caught up and excited for all the party dresses that the holiday season brings, I forget to think about what to wear on Thanksgiving.
And I like Thanksgiving. It’s objectively one of my favorite holidays: the food, the merriment, the way you can make it what you need (from Friendsgiving to a big deal to low key eating pie!).
So, why can’t I remember to outfit plan for Thanksgiving?

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And it’s not that I forget every year. There have been years when I have had plans that involved outfit planning. A few years ago, my family and I were doing a feast at hotel and I wore the above purple dress for Thanksgiving. I planned it out, got excited, and made my sister take 1000s of pics with me as my family and I were grateful someone else was cooking.

But, so many years I’m at home- or my parents home. We make plans but I forget to think about an outfit in advance. Or even an outfit as a statement. I get SO excited about all the party dresses to come, that often when it comes to Thanksgiving, I’m simply in leggings, or a simple skirt and shirt (which you can never go wrong in).

Investment Piece: Thanksgiving Outfits
Simple leggings with a button down
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Skirt and top

If I’m planning my outfit the morning of Thanksgiving (because if we do have big plans I do tend to think about what I’m wearing) I usually think about a few things while getting dressed:
-looking good but being comfy (especially as at some point at home we migrate to the couch for football and pie!)
-something I can cook in
-something I’m not embarrassed for pictures in (because I somehow always take a picture!)
– sometimes I add a statement item (because I’m always grateful for my closet)

What about you? What do you wear to Thanksgiving? Do you plan out your Thanksgiving outfits? Do you dress up or keep it casual? Please tell me all about it!

I’ve linked some pieces that I’m thinking about (or similar) for Thanksgiving below, from chic lounge sets to holiday dresses!

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