I Let Another Blogger Dress Me

Investment Piece: I let another blogger dress me

It’s no secret that we all get various fashion inspiration from each other on the Internet and Instagram. I’m not immune to it (yes, I still outfit ideas too). And the “I let my Boyfriend/Dad/Grandma/Tinder Dates” dress me is a piece you may see on many a blog, written by many a blogger.

Today I’m flipping the script (?) and I’m letting another blogger dress me.

Let’s be clear- she doesn’t know that she’s dressing me, but she is. Confused?

Yesterday, whilst scrolling through my Facebook feed I came across this article from ManRepeller. While it is worth reading in it’s entirety, the main point is that pedal pushers are the new “thing” and Leandra gives a few outfits to showcase this fashion “necessity”.

As she says:
We spend a lot of time talking about the fact that trends are dead and how liberating such a notion can be. On the one hand, abiding by a sartorial template constructed by someone else is restricting. On the other, thanks to the pervasive and prolific popularity of style-as-broadcasted-by-social-media in all its millions of permutations, everyone’s opinions are on display — not just opinions that trickle off the runway. Still, there are overarching themes that overwhelm the cues we take each season. Within those themes, subcategories are born to foster the growth of various items, and for the upcoming spring (if it ever arrives!), pedal pushers (pants — or are they shorts? — that hit just below the knee) are the choice way to cover your hooha.

You probably remember all the time I spent extolling the genesis of knee-cap leggings as pants (particularly because I haven’t stopped), so this seems like a natural transition. One that calls for outfit ideas, tips, tricks and a little bit of breastmilk if you want some.

And Leandra goes onto give outfit ideas. Again, worth your time. I was inspired and confused by this ideal and left with questions.

Are pedal pushers chic?
Could I pull them off?
Should I let another blogger dress me?

Loves, as we know, the answer is often in the doing. So I’m doing. Tonight I have an event celebrating Fashion X in Austin, TX. I’m going to wear a version of this:
Investment Piece: I let another blogger dress me

Will it work? Will I look stupid? What will people say?

I don’t know. When I get dressed (yes, this was a spur of the moment decision and clearly a last minute post) I’ll be posting a ton of pics on my Instagram (@racheladelicia), including a live story getting dressed. I’d love your feedback!

And then I’ll report on how letting another blogger dress me went. I’ll either love Leandra or be wary of her outfit ideas when this is over.


Wish me luck!

Some questions for you:

Would you rock pedal pushers? Would you let a blogger dress you (PICK ME!)?

Don’t forget to look out this evening on Instagram! (@racheladelicia)


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