Birthday Wishlist

It’s my birthday! YAY! I hope you’re having a great day–and I hope while you read this I’m off having champagne and being fabulous! I love birthdays, mainly as they are the one day that we have that are completely ours. I also love that it’s a way to mark our growth–which isn’t always physical, it’s about goals, dreams, and our hearts. A day to celebrate how far we have come–all the good things that are on the way! This has been a great year, full of changes and growth. I know that this coming year will be full of more–and I’m excited!

Usually I save up and buy myself something big for my birthday–but I haven’t this year. However, the year is still young so following are some things I have my eye on!


These amazing Tory Burch sandals–they are sold out everywhere, so major points if you can find them for me!

I’ve had my eye on these Gucci slingbacks. Let’s be honest–I have my eye on all Gucci.

There are a few other pieces here and there–but I’m confident that I will find ways to celebrate!

Hope your Tuesday is stunning! XO RA

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