Cinderella Shoes: A Blog Birthday



In honor of the release of Disney’s Live Action “Cinderella” I thought I would share some of my favorite “Cinderella” feeling shoes.

From top: Brian Atwood, Marc Jacobs and appropriately named “Cinderella”.

Happy weekend and may your shoes take you magical places!

Above was my first blog post, on this day 7 years ago. (Complete sidebar: I can’t believe it’s been 7! years. It feels like yesterday and at the same time feels like we’ve always been here- in all the best ways!)

I didn’t know what I was doing, even though I had taken classes and tried to prep myself (know how I always tell you I’m back at tech? It used to be MUCH! worse). There’s a chance I still don’t know what I’m doing- I feel like I’m still learning, though I will say that I have a much more firm grasp on what my vision is (telling our stories through fashion). People will tell you that the blog is dead- but I can’t tell you how much I still love this little corner of the internet that we share, and the community we’re building- and I love that we’re still growing.

Because it’s the blog’s birthday I thought we should celebrate, and while yes- that does mean fantastic shoes (so put some on and have a fun drink for me!), I’d also like to share some lessons that I’ve learned over these past 7(!) years!

-Your dreams will change. Grow. I think the best thing is to grow with them. Sometimes that means taking breaks, sometimes it means non-stop work, but at the end it should be worth it. This part (even the work) should be fun. Even when I’m frustrated with tech or what I want to say or the myriad of other things (this is still a job) I’m so grateful I get to do this. Fashion is fun to me, and I hope that comes through in my stories.

-Your path will take its own time. Especially with “influencers” (I have feelings about that word) there is always someone new or with more followers or reaches goals before you. I would be lying if there were times when I wasn’t envious of what others are doing- but I have to remind myself that their path is not mine. All I can do is the best I can, telling the stories how I know (growing and changing of course) and trust. It’s so cheesy to say but I do really believe that what’s for you is for you- it may take time and work- but it’s out there.

-Sometimes our stories are difficult to tell. I really think that fashion is how we tell our stories. And yet, there have been things that have been hard to talk about here (like how sick I was recently. I just didn’t want to post nonstop stories of me in sweats on the couch!). Sometimes, our stories are what we’re trying to be and not what we are. It can make fashion both endlessly fascinating, yet it can also leave you feeling like you have to keep up appearances. (And yes, social media and all the things are part of it.) Boundaries have been hard for me (not just here, but in general), but having a job that’s about sharing has lead me to firm up my boundaries. Not that I don’t love sharing with you! But not every story is for sharing- and that’s ok too.

I’ll be honest, this blog birthday kind of crept up on me. As you know, I’ve been sick and while I’m finally feeling as if I’m getting back to myself, there are still things to catch up on (clearly). In the coming weeks be on the look out for a birthday give-away, and more fantastic shoes.

Thank you for being a part of my journey. I’m so grateful for you, I hope that this week is full of magic and amazing shoes! XO RA

Sunday Chronicles: Being Dumb

Investment Piece: Dumb

loves, I’m laid up with allergies and a sinus infection  there’s been a lot of tea and resting, and thinking. During the times that I can’t be “fashion”, what am I? During these times when all of our schedules have been off and we may not have been our best- does that make us who we are? I wrote this when I first started this blog; I was figuring out how to write, how to shoot, how to do this. Not to mention, what my voice and purpose were. I like to think we all have come a long way. But, there are still things that remain true: like we’re layered, that loving this concept of fashion says nothing about your intelligence, and that we’re all still growing.xo RA

Does loving fashion mean you’re dumb?

If you know me for five minutes you catch onto a few things- I love fashion, especially shoes, and I’m not ashamed of that fact.  Is this the only defining feature I have? Heavens no! Although, to be fair, it is an obvious one. To me this quality is one that goes with being tall and blonde– it’s who I am, I give no thought to it.

So imagine my surprise a few years ago at a dinner party I threw, with a delicious champagne risotto I’m still proud of, that a friend of mine turned to me and said, “I’m surprised you’re a good cook, I mean you like fashion”. Really? Liking one thing automatically prevents you from having another skill set?

Know me for ten or fifteen minutes you pick up on other things- I love sports (don’t call me when my teams are playing), I’m an insatiable reader, I love true crime, cooking, am religious about my workouts, and have a weird obsession with art theft.   Do any of these qualities ultimately define me? I think not–aren’t we all really complex, layered creatures? One quality cannot define a person–and if we have to make a fashion tie in, if I was one dimensional could I love both high end shoes and sweat pants? Probably not. And I do.

But let’s examine the real issue– if we can agree everyone can have more than one interest, does liking fashion make you dumb? Is fashion dumb? I, clearly, am going to say no. Argue what you like–clothes have power. Putting on a certain outfit, a certain pair of shoes–you move a certain way, you feel a certain way, it affects you. That isn’t dumb– that’s power. Also, look a Zac Posen dress, look at the draping, tell me that’s not art– not a superior craft. I will argue for days that shoes that are well made are easier to walk in, no matter how high the heel.  If there is that much skill and power in what you put on your body, how can it be dumb? How can an interest in that be dumb?

So, somewhat proudly, I tell you — no fashion doesn’t make you dumb. If anyone tells you other wise look them in the eyes and dare them to prove it to you.

Wishing us all a week of layered thoughts and amazing shoes!

xo RA

Trend to Try: Are Socks With Peep Toes Something We’re Doing?

There are times when I think of trends for us to try, that aren’t exactly trends. Socks with Peep toes? Not only was it one of my very first posts (look below, I’m so grateful you stayed with the site while we grew. We’re still growing!); I keep seeing this look everywhere!

And I get it! It’s a way to: show off a great pair of socks, hide a bad pedicure, wear heels in the winter, and make a statement.

I loved this “trend” years ago, and I still do! See:

Investment Piece, fashion, blogger, Red//Pink, Gucci, Brian Atwood, Jcew, Ca, TX

Stuart Weitxman, Pan and the Dream, tulle, socks, fashion, blogger, vintage, high fashion, InvestmentPiece

What is it about socks with peep toes (or any heels) that’s such a pull? I love that it’s slightly cheeky, slightly edgy and slightly classic. It’s just the combo that seems both fashion forward and almost geeky (can we admit that fashion can be geeky?) all at the same time. A trend? Not really. Something you should try? Absolutely!

Below is my orginal post and thoughts on the matter:

Are Socks With Peep Toes Something We’re Doing?
Investment Piece: Trend to Try: Socks with Peep Toes
Investment Piece: Trend to Try: Socks With Peep Toes
They are something we’re doing.Look at any magazine, any campaign right now and there they are–peep toe shoes worn with socks. Do we like it? Is this what we want? I will be honest–I was hesitant, but I LOVE these Chanel boots that look like socks:

So I thought: How bad can it be?

And here’s the answer: Surprisingly enough, not that bad.

I found it’s really comfortable. I think it looks best when the colors match– but it can be fun. So if you like it–why not? And if you can’t–I get that too.




Happy Wednesday! xo RA

Details: First look Skirt Zara, Sweater JCrew, Shoes Chanel

Second Look :dress Zara, Shoes Sophia Webster

Third: Dress Zara, Shoes LK Bennett

Fourth Sweater JCrew, Skirt Zara Leather, Shoes Kelsi Dagger

I’ve updated some shopping options for you! And would love to know: would you rock this trend to try?


Current Shopping:

Notes: This Post Does Contian Some Affilate links, while that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Pasquale Shoe Repair


As a self-proclaimed shoe lover, I can tell you there is no better investment than taking care of the things you love. Yes, I mean shoes. And yet, no matter careful you can be with a thing you love, there’s always a time when you need professional help. Yep, still talking shoes. From heel repair to re-soling to stretching, there’s absolutely no one I trust more with my treasures than Pasquale Shoe Repair


They are Christian Louboutin certified and I have never had them treat me or my shoes poorly. They’ve fixed heels, redone soles, added grips. They even brought shoes that other cobblers had ruined back to life. In short, I can’t explain how much I love them. They are the essence of quality, and yet the prices are not high.


While they are located in LA, they have a mail in option (and will send the shoes right back to you!) and it’s completely worth it!

Here’s to keeping our treasures treasured! XO RA

Find Pasquale here

Dress Flats?


More than once on this site you have heard me mention to “dress things down” I wear flats. Which is a completely unfair statement to flats. Here’s the thing: I’m a heels girl. As in, I will think nothing of wearing heels to run errands, take walks, anything–heels are my natural go-tos. (I have incredibly high arches and in my “medical” opinion this is part of why I find them so comfortable). But due to some injuries recently, and some amazing shoes, I’ve begun to rethink my position. Can heels be dressy? Loves, I think the answer is yes: they can. Dress flats are a thing that we can do, and love.

I know that some women have to opt for flats due to medical reasons, and some just prefer them. The good news is that there are so many options when it comes to dress flats–shiny, studded, scrappy, open toe, Pom-poms–and most importantly, that they don’t disrupt any line of any dress. (Yes, we can debate that certain shoes look best with certain outfits, but we’d be here alllllllllllll day). This past weekend, in both need and exploration of my theory I wore flats with a dress to the opera; and loves, I loved it. I felt the studs added something, it felt fresh–and just as dressy as my flats. Does this mean I’m hanging up my heels? Never. But it does mean that my flat collection is about to get a whole lot bigger!


I’d love to know: do you rock a dress flat?


Dress: Tibi
Shoes: Louboutin, sold out, similar here



There is something about a simple outfit that packs a punch. I’m such a fan of these pieces- cropped tank and linen pants (both go with everything, this blue is almost a neutral) paired with fringe heels and a to-die for vintage bag (that’s almost reversible), and you have some summer magic!

Happy Friday! Xo RA

Pants: Zara and on sale!
Shirt: Garment Modern
Shoes: Steve Madden
Purse: Vintage



Throwing on a shirt and shorts is a summer staple. My favorite is when that ritual is elevated and shirts like this Vintage number help! I love the star detail-the buttons, the straps, the way it’s simple and classic all at the same time. It would go equally as great with a skirt or white pants, yet it was perfect with cutoffs. The shoes are quickly becoming a go-to, the peep toe makes them summer perfect and the color is, believe it or not, neutral enough to go with everything! What are some of your summer go-tos?

Happy Friday! XO RA

Shirt: Vintage, found at Garment Modern
Shorts: Joe’s
Shoes: About Arianne, found at Garment Modern or their website here

White Shoes


No matter what doctrine you follow, we can officially wear white!! And if you’ve been like me, “unofficially” wearing it, it’s a double win. Over the years I have loved my fair share of white pants, skirts, shoes, and bags. However, this year I have a new love: white shoes! I always strayed away from them–unsure of what to wear with them, afraid that maybe they were too much. This year though, I faced my fears (which were largely unfounded) and realized that I had been missing out! What can you wear them with? Everything! Jeans, skirts, shorts, pants–I love them with denim, it’s almost a color pop with black, they feel fresh with it all. Too much? I may not believe in such a thing, but no–any well put together outfit can handle a pop of anything! So I would love to know–are you a white shoe lover? What do you pair them with?



From top-bottom
Jacquemus, sold out
Vintage YSL
Vintage Gucci

Birthday Wishlist

It’s my birthday! YAY! I hope you’re having a great day–and I hope while you read this I’m off having champagne and being fabulous! I love birthdays, mainly as they are the one day that we have that are completely ours. I also love that it’s a way to mark our growth–which isn’t always physical, it’s about goals, dreams, and our hearts. A day to celebrate how far we have come–all the good things that are on the way! This has been a great year, full of changes and growth. I know that this coming year will be full of more–and I’m excited!

Usually I save up and buy myself something big for my birthday–but I haven’t this year. However, the year is still young so following are some things I have my eye on!


These amazing Tory Burch sandals–they are sold out everywhere, so major points if you can find them for me!

I’ve had my eye on these Gucci slingbacks. Let’s be honest–I have my eye on all Gucci.

There are a few other pieces here and there–but I’m confident that I will find ways to celebrate!

Hope your Tuesday is stunning! XO RA