Getting Back Out There

a woman in a gold skirt, back top and gold shoes stands in front of a White House and a green hedge
a woman in a gold skirt, back top and gold shoes stands in front of a White House and a green hedge

I’m not the first, and I won’t be the last, to comment on how difficult – on many levels- the past few years have been. And I’m someone who likes to be at home (which I know, is surprising as I also love to dress up and go out!). **** As I as I may have enjoyed some time at home, it’s finally become time for me to start getting out there again. The process is slow, it’s surely not steady, but my need for routine, community, and a bit of fun have pushed me out of the house and into the world (and parties!).

*** Also, this is a side note that none of this post is judgment or advice on what you should be doing or how you should be getting out there. In all honesty, I feel as if I’m still getting my stamina back from a “mild” case of Covid in January. I’m still home a lot, still masking, still wary. Much of my own “getting back out there” is managing wanting to be involved in community, see friends and getting some sort of routine going while protecting myself and my loved ones.

a woman in a gold skirt, back top and gold shoes stands in front of a White House and a green hedge

For me there have been many layers to getting back out there. Beyond what we’ve all gone through, I’ve been battling fatigue since January, and since then even my at-home routine has been all over the place. It feels as if I’ve had to fight back from that, and then get out of the house. A two-step that’s not been the most graceful, but I’m getting out. Seeing friends. Going to parties (small ones).

Sometimes I’ve found myself being awkward. Two years at home will do that to the best of us.
But more surprising, at least to me, is that from gym classes to seeing friends, for the first time I’m a bit lost at what to wear. And I love a great party outfit! And clothes!

Some of my what-to-wear “issue” has been fit- I think all of us, even if you didn’t gain any panny weight may have had weight shift, or may be questioning what clothes best fit your life. Another what-to-wear issue has been that with only online socializations I’m not always sure what dress codes are. And I’m super excited to wear all the clothes I didn’t get to wear for the past few years. (And yes, this all deserves a separate and long conversation and we have some of it here).

a woman in a gold skirt and a black top standing in front of a White House and a green hedge

Getting back out there has meant experimenting. Sometimes being overdressed- and being okay with it. And enjoying being in my clothes again. This look above was for a friend’s small birthday champagne toast. Yes, I was the “fanciest”. But I couldn’t resist this metallic (both a bit floral and a bit animal) skirt paired with a corset top and my new favorite spring shoes. I felt alive in it. And like me- the woman I was before.

Perhaps getting back out there simply means that I’m working my way through outfits that feel like me and make me feel like me. What does getting back out there mean to you? And how have you been going it?

I’ve linked this outfit (similar and exact pieces) for your own getting out there!

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