(Mini) Skirting It

Investment Piece: (MIni) Skirting It
Investment Piece: Mini Skirting it
Investment Piece: Mini Skirting It

Know what I hate? The idea that something is too “young” (or too “old”) for a certain age group. Yes- there’s dressing appropriately, but if you feel great in something, why shouldn’t you wear it? Yet. While I would tell you that you can wear all the things that make you happy, I sometimes also worry that my choices are too “young”. Or that I shouldn’t wear something because of my age.

For example, mini skirts. Part of my issue is that I worry my height is too much (my solution to that is to make sure that any mini skirt I buy isn’t too loose, for example this number I sized up so it wouldn’t be short and tight!), but I also worry that I’m too old for mini skirts.

And loves, I would like to think that I’m not too old for anything. Following your own advise it tough, but, I decided to mini skirt the issue and wear what makes me happy. And this skirt, these colors- how could you not be happy in it?

Investment Piece: Mini Skirting It
Investment Piece: Mini Skirting It

Maybe skirting the issue (mini or otherwise) comes down to a little bit of bravery. Or confidence. It may seem silly, but wearing a mini skirt seemed like a big deal to me. However, wearing it was so fun. I didn’t feel old, I felt empowered. Mainly by the fact that I was wearing something that brought me joy!

Some styling notes:
– as mentioned above, I did size up so that the skirt wasn’t too tight. Although this skirt is so stretchy! It’s incredibly comfy (and there’s room enough for shorts underneath if that makes you comfortable!)

-I paired it with a blouse to balance the look. Although from bikini tops to tank tops to sweatshirts, this skirt would go with so many things

-I wore flats as again I was worried about my height. But. I might get even more daring and wear it with wedges or heels!

Investment Piece: Mini SKirting It

What time are you avoiding wearing because of something you “should” wear? How would it feel to wear it instead? I would love to hear about it!

I’ve linked this skirt a few others like it below so you can mini skirt it with me!

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