What Might Have Been

Investment Piece: What Might Have Been
Investment Piece: What Might Have Been
Investment Piece: What Might Have Been

I didn’t get in a pool all summer (if we’re not counting my little toddler pool). I didn’t go to the beach. There are outfits I didn’t wear, people I didn’t get to hug.

It’s been that kind of summer for all of us. There are things that we didn’t get to do (or wear) and the allure and romanticism of “what might have been” can be hard to let go of.
The outfit that you didn’t get to wear? It was perfect.
That event you didn’t get to go to? The time of your life.
What might have been is always addicting. It’s always going to be perfect and I can find myself longing for it, even when what might have been is long passed.
What do we do with all those things we didn’t do and didn’t wear?
How do we move forward?

Investment Piece: What Might Have Been
Investment Piece: What Might Have Been
Investment Piece: What Might Have Been

Of course, you can wear whatever you like whenever you like (is there such a thing as time any more?). Re-schedule events. Create events and outfits that are so much better than what you had planned.
When you’re in the middle of what might have been, those solutions can seem a little far away.
I don’t have answers for all the things that might have been (the only things worse are the things that got away), but how I’m dealing with what might have been is planning ahead. There are things I missed doing (and wearing this summer), I can’t do anything about that (other than wear what makes me happy, which I’m on!) So how I’m handling fall is planning. It looks different. There are things are I can’t do. But-the boots I want to wear, I’m wearing (even just on the couch). The pumpkin carving? I’m doing across the street with my neighbors. The friends I miss? I’m scheduling Facetimes and sending letters and texts.

Maybe not.
But I’m doing what I can, and avoiding the regret of what might have been.

Investment Piece: What Might Have Been
Style Notes: this dress is homemade vintage from Selvedge Fine Vintage. Isn’t amazing how many people were able to make such gorgeous homemade dresses? The color is divine, and the fit is perfect! Shoes? Gabriela Hearst-I couldn’t resist the split sole (and you can find these second hand at affordable prices! I’ve linked some for you!)

What is the one thing that you missed that you can’t help but think about? What are you doing about it?


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Investment Piece: What Might Have Been

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