With a Safety Pin

a woman in a green floral caftan with heels
a woman in a green floral caftan and heels
a woman in a green floral caftan and heels

I have a thing for caftans (see here, here, and here for starters), absolutely think that they are a must for any well rounded wardrobe, but- with all my love, I can recognize that sometimes caftans can be a little- big. But big is not the word I’m looking for- perhaps I mean caftans can be more oversized, a bit voluminous, and while chic, sometimes we want sometimes a bit more form fitting.

And when that happens sometimes al we need is a safety pin!

a close up of a safety pin in front of flowers

(Note: caftans are by no means the only outfits that you can adjust to your own likes with a safety pin. The options are endless. Here I used a safety pin as I couldn’t make a belt work the way I wanted- but belts are always great options too!)

While I loved the caftan above, while playing with styling options I wanted something a bit more fitted. I inherited this caftan from a neighbor, and it came with a matching belt- but for the life of me I couldn’t make the belt work. It would bugle, wouldn’t flow well, all in all I just couldn’t make it work. So. I grabbed a safety pin. Wearing the caftan I reached behind my waist and pinned the excess fabric- creating a bit of a cape like effect in the back and more of a fitted silhouette in the front.

a woman in a green floral caftan and heels
a woman in a green floral caftan
a woman in a green floral caftan

How great is it that you can alter (not permanently) anything you own? It’s the step beyond making any outfit you own with styling (which I am still a bit fan of!). And how great is it that all you need is a safety pin? Yes- the look was altered with that single safety pin pictured above! Just imagine what I (or you) could do with more!

This was one of my favorite outfits this week, in both variations. But I have to admit that I got such a thrill from being able to change my entire look with a safety pin. This caftan is vintage, but I’ve linked similar ones for you below.

nude heels by flowers
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xo RA

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a woman in a green floral caftan

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