Add some Glam

Investment Piece: Add some Glam
Investment Piece: Add some Glam
Investment Piece: add some glam
Investment Piece: add some glam

Are you stuck in a rut lately? Between working from home and it being so hot, getting dressed hasn’t felt super exciting lately. I’m interested in being comfy and staying cool, nothing else has seemed really important.

And there are times that are like that. Sometimes, it can feel like life can narrow- in both good ways and bad-and when that happens, I try both just to focus on what’s happening and keep perspective. Life can be cyclic, ups and downs, and hopefully everything evens out in the end. Right? We all know I love a good outfit (and story), but there are times when getting dressed isn’t a priority. And forcing things never works. I’m learning, slowly, that the times when you can only do so much how you handle it is to do what you can, and when you can do more you add it on!

Maybe this is the time to focus on comfort and easy dressing. Nothing wrong with that at all! I’ve been living in this easy jumpsuit. It’s so comfy (and forgiving), and yet looks polished. From errands to Netflix binges and zoom calls, it’s been a go-to.


If it’s a time to venture out of the comfy rut, my secret is to add a little glam. Nothing big. Nothing forced. Just small details, letting me stay comfy. Yet feel special.

Investment Piece: Add some Glam
One of the easiest ways to add some glam right now? Articulated brooches. They go right over your shoulder, and add some glam to anything. T-shirts. Jumpsuits. Dresses. Your pjs. It’s special enough to brighten any routine, but takes zero effort.

That’s all the glam I can extend this week, and I’m finding it’s enough. Next week, who knows? Maybe I’ll go all out! This week, though,I’ll still to comfy and little details.

(Side note: this jumpsuit is a very heavy linen, perfect for transitioning into fall. For extra glam and transitioning, I recommend velvet shoes!)


I’ve found you some articulated pins (most under $30!) and have linked this jumpsuit and some shoes for you!

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Investment Piece: Add some glam

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