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Beloveds, you have seen this post before. I spent the weekend fighting Cedar Fever, thankfully not Covid, but I was still left in bed for the majority of the weekend. Then! I dealt with a little hacking on the back end of this site (so so sorry if you were affected by it!). I spent the part of the weekend I was functioning fixing that- which made me feel like a Bond Girl. Which made me think of this outfit (and once I’m up and about may have to wear it!) Shopping options have been updated, and I’m wishing you a Happy Monday that’s without spyware or allergies!

Investment Piece: Bond Girl
Investment Piece: Bond Girl
Investment Peice: Bond Girl

I’ve always wanted to be a Bond Girl.
And I know that some of the Bond girls are the “bad guys”.
And that might not be the most evolved statement.

Maybe it’s more accurate to say that I want to be Bond, as a woman. The power. The style. The spy gadgets, intrigue, and glamor. (I also wouldn’t say no to a car or a martini right about now)

Investment Piece: Bond Girl
Investment Piece: Bond Girl

I may not be a Spy (that we know of) or have all the gadgets- but I like to think that the style and glamor I have covered. Or, more accurately stated, this set makes me feel like a Bond girl. Stylish. Powerful. Off to something glamourous.

And it’s just a set (though these details are swoon inducing):
Investment Piece: Bond Girl
Investment Piece: Bond Girl

I’m not going off to someplace glamourous. (It’s still the pandemic)

But this set. It makes me feel all those things. I tend to stand up straighter when I wear it. My walk has a bit of swagger in it. Power, style, and even spycraft- this outfit makes me feel like a Bond girl.

The power that has. What could I do in this set? Who could I win over? Where could I wear this?

Investment Piece: Bond Girl

I believe in that kind of fashion power- the kind that makes me feel changed. The kind that, even for a moment, leads me to new and exciting things because of how I feel in it. Yes, it’s a set (and here you can tell yourself all the set things- it looks great together and seperately, etc, etc), but when I’m in it, I’m a Bond Girl. You can’t beat that!

Investment Piece: Bond Girl

This is a vintage set, but you could “make” your own- simply layer a short dress over pants (any pattern will do). I’ve linked snakeskin pieces I love for your own Bond girl looks below!


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