Investment Piece: Cardigan
Investment Piece: Cardigan
Investment Piece: Cardigan

Lounge but make it fashion.

It’s been the theme of the pandemic- finding clothes that will look good on Zooms and the like, yet will be comfy. Sweatpants and shirt sales have gone through the roof. You may be at a point where putting on hard pants gives you anxiety.I get it, I have been putting on hard pants but have yet to wear hard pants for a full day. How did we do that day in and day out?

While I’m not ready for hard pants, I’m ready for fashion. And not the lounge kind. I’ve been missing getting dressed and all the feelings it gave me. (I also miss the places we went and the people we saw)
Yet, I have no desire to give up my comfort. Work is still happening on the couch after all!

My solution? The cardigan.
Or in this case, a cardigan dress.

Investment Piece: Cardigan
Investment Piece: Cardigan

The purple color of my dreams, soft enough to curl up with, but a cardigan to stop traffic- in all the best ways. I found this number via Instagram, but not an ad- Sarah Jessica Parker wore it (with hot pink heels!)

You know when you can’t get something out of your mind? This cardigan was it for me. When I first looked it up, the color I had to have (I love a good purple) was sold out. I tried to wait patiently. Telling myself that it was simply a cardigan dress and I didn’t HAVE to have it. I searched for similar dresses-but I couldn’t find another that I liked. The sleeves, the fringe, the wrap, the color- I was memorized.

I could list the ways I wanted to wear it and why I love it so. But, I have to admit that part of the appeal to me was that this dress is a cardigan. It’s show stopping and versatile and stunning. At the same time, it’s a cardigan! It’s comfy! You can wrap up in it and nap if need be. It could fill my need for fashion, while letting me lounge!

Investment Piece: Cardigan

Call it lack of willpower, or call it divine pairing – I got this number the second it came back in stock. And I haven’t regretted it. Life is more on the couch than out and about right now, but I feel glamorous. Maybe that’s what I was missing all along. Who would have thought that a cardigan could give it to me?

You can join me in the cardigan life! Buy yours here at Hanifa. (This is not a commission link! I just love this dress and this company! Sizing note- while the site will tell you to go by height on this dress, my first order was the small and it was way too big! This is the Extra-Small- perfect and still long enough!)

I’ve also linked similar items for you below, just in case you need more than one cardigan!


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Investment Piece: Cardigan

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