Investment Piece: #croppedjacket
Investment Piece: #croppedjacket
Investment Piece: #croppedjacket
Investment Piece: #croppedjacket
Investment Piece: #croppedjacket
Investment Piece: #croppedjacket

There was a recent time when I got a little obessed with a great cropped jacket. Yes, it was from Instagram and yes, it was vintage. But it seemed perfect: classy with quilting yet edgy with the crop. So, I began looking for my own. I hit the usual spots: etsy and eBay. Yet, I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Until, I looked at Jcrew.

Say what you will about modern versions of things that we love vintage; sometimes, the modern is just as great, if not greater than the vintage. This little (literally) number hits on the mark: I love the classic look, but the pattern is fun, and the crop is just perfect (not too high not too low). And loves, the lining makes this jacket so comfy. I wear it often as a top, and for some reason I can’t wait to wear this jacket over a slip dress and combat (ish) boots.

I love how vaguely 1970s this outfit ended up being. A great flare is a must, I think, for your denim collection. They elongate your legs, and just feel a little more dressy than skinny jeans (to me). My new favorite jacket, and a great pair of wedges.

Investment Piece: #cropppedjacket

I know, I know. This picture is slightly ridiculous, but it shows off the shoes. And it makes me laugh. Win/win?

And loves–there’s nothing wrong with a little 70s vibe. I promise.

If you’re like me and you. Can’t wait to find your own perfect cropped jacket, I’ve linked ones for you below!

Happy Shopping!

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