Investment Piece: #doingthings
InvestmentPiece: #doingthings
Investment Piece: #doingthings
Investment Piece: #doingthigns

If you would have told me that an exercise dress would become my summer uniform back in June, I don’t know that I would have believed you. Not that I don’t like exercise. Or dresses. But the combo? Let’s say I was hesitant. Good thing that doubtful me was not in charge-this Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress has become my ultimate summer go-to. With shorts to let you move, and a chic mini dress to show you off, it might be the best of all worlds.

Things I’ve done in my exercise dress:
– Work Out (in fairness, not a hard workout, though I think layered with a sports bra it would be great in those as well!). I’ve walked and hiked and am dying to learn how to play tennis in it!
-Run errands
-Gone out. Yes, my current favorite thing is to put a scarf in my hair and pair this dress with “fancy” shoes. It’s gone from happy hours to book clubs. And I get compliments every time!
-Got in the water. And still looked chic

The thing about this exercise dress? It makes me feel put together. And it lets me do things. It’s the perfect combo.

Investment Piece: #doingthings
Investment Piece: #doingthings
Investment Piece: #doingthings
Investment Piece: #doingthings
Now, loves, the question is: what kind of things are you going to do in your exercise dress? If you don’t exercise I won’t tell. Or if you exercise and never take it out, I won’t tell that either. I just know that, despite my doubts, this dress has become one of my favorite pieces, and I think it could be the same for you. Wanna go do things?

I’ve linked this dress and items similar to what I paired with my exercise dress above.
Happy doing!

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