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Investment Piece: Packing

Most of us are about a week into working from home, maybe for the first time. I do a lot of work from home already, but even I will admit that this is a bit different. (That being said, it’s important! If you are able, please stay home! If you have a job that you have to go to, thank you for showing up for all of us. Let’s all be kind and wash our hands!) Even when I’ve worked from home, there have been appointments and places to be. Now, for the most part, I might be able to get away with wearing almost anything.

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So, what should we do? Wear yoga pants all day? Get dressed?

I’m attempting to balance it. At least once a week I’m getting dressed, it makes me feel better (and outfits are a source of stress relief and fun for me!). I’m also being ok with the reality that there will be days when I stay in sweats or yoga pants.

And I’m leaning into vintage dressing gowns. They’re the best of both worlds-lounge friendly and they make you feel glamorous.

Investment Piece: Summer Verision

I’ve always loved a great robe, I’m a big fan of PJ dressing, and a dressing gown is a must have in my book! All of my dressing gowns are vintage, and what makes a vintage one so special is just how gorgeous they are. Yes, you can get a great modern robe. In the past they essentially made gowns to wear around the home, and they are perfect for the moment. You can find any from the velvet and silk ones above to quilted ones, long sleeved, tea length, there’s a dressing gown for any style.

I’m wearing my black one with a black silk turban, and my white one all alone. They’ve been complemented on virtual meetings, and I’ve slept in them. For my kimonos, I’ve worn them over everything, and used a belt to wear them alone. There’s no wrong way to wear a dressing gown, and every reason to invest in one (being glam at home will never go out of style!).

I’ve linked some of my favorite dressing gowns here (yes, that is an affiliate link. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. I really appreciate your support. That being said, it’s a great time to shop online at your local vintage store- they need your support too!)

I would love to know: what are you wearing while you’re at home?

Be kind. Wash your hands. Thank you for being here!

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