My week has been thwarted by a jammed toe. Yes- I am a klutz! Earlier this week I walked into a weight during Pilates class, jamming 2 toes on my left foot- and while I’m aok, they’ve affected everything. What shoes I can wear. My sleep. My schedule. Shoots, posts, appointments all had to be rescheduled. So while I’m on the mend, I’m still barefoot- meaning that today we’re looking back so next week we can move forward in amazing shoes! Xo RA

Investment Piece: Escape
Investment Piece: Escape
Investment Piece: Escape
Investment Piece: Escape
Investment Piece: Escape
Investment Piece: Escape

She was bored. Even with the impending holidays, she needed a little excitement. A little adventure. She needed an escape. It was nothing personal, and nothing to fear; it’s just that sometimes we all need to be a little wild, a little different than we are, a little escape.
So, she got herself just that.
In the country, in the quiet, she was able to let loose. Never one to blend in, she let the escape be her canvas. From vistas to leopard sightings, what she really found in little moments of escape was herself again.
And don’t worry, she brought the clothes home with her. Just in case she needs a little city escape.

Have I mentioned how much I love Amberleaf? And the coat selections they have for you this season are just…..I can’t imagine you needing anything else. From cashmere to classic cuts to every color you could want. They are worth escaping in!
(Remember to use the code RACHELADELICIA when you shop!)

Just because it’s coat season doesn’t mean that you have to resign yourself to bland winter fashion. Mix colors (how great are these gloves?). Wear print (well, leopard is a neutral, but there are so many prints out there to embrace). Your coat can be the star of your outfit, or a stunning topper. Realistically, you might not need an escape. BUT your outfit can be an escape from the ordinary, and I see nothing wrong with being ready just in case there’s a last minute get away.

This coat is Amberleaf and avaible on their site. I’ve linked pants and gloves for your escaping pleasure.
Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

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