Fit to be Tied

investment Piece: Fit to be Tied
Investment Piece: Fit to be Tied
Investment Piece: Fit to be Tied

There’s more than one way to think about an investment piece. Yes, it can be a piece that you save for, a big ticket item, a classic. OR, it can be something that you wear, all the time and in more than one way. This scarf? It’s an investment piece, it’s fit to be tied as a top, as a turban, I’ve used it as a purse handle; and believe it or not, this investment piece was an impulse purchase.

Investment Piece: Fit to be Tied
This Similar Johnny Was scarf was one of those pieces that caught my eye, but I didn’t think anything of it. I was telling myself that I didn’t wear scarves. Then, I had a friend in town and we made a trip to the Johnny Was store, I couldn’t resist it.
You can see me tie this scarf as a turban here.
So, with the heat and the tassels I had to know if this investment piece could be a top. Turns out it’s fit to be tied.

Investment Piece: Fit to be Tied
Investment Piece: Fit to be tied
Investment Piece: Fit to be Tied

Real talk? This isn’t the first time I’ve worn a scarf (this scarf) as a top. However, it’s always been over bikinis (anything can be a cover up). Yet, I’ve always been thinking about it as a top. The pattern, the tassels, I knew that they could casually make a statement. (Is that a thing? Let’s make it a thing) Most importantly, I was hoping it would be cool.

Turns out? Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s the scarf, or maybe I’m just fit to be tied all the time– I love it!!

I love the way the scarf elevates my chinos. It feels pulled together and whimsical all at the same time. The scarf was perfect for the temps (I’m not sure I can handle weeks of 100+ heat)-though I do recommend having someone to make sure your bra strap stays covered. Of course, you could always go without a bra (that would leave my mom fit to be a lot of things). Either way, I like to think numbers like this are perfect for the beginning or and the end of summer, and if that doesn’t leave you fit to be tied, I don’t know what will!

I’ve linked all sorts of similar items. I’d love to know–what’s an unexpected investment piece in your closet? How are you beating the heat?

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