In Between

Investment Piece: In Between
Investment Piece: In Between
Investment Piece: In Between

I’m impatient. It’s not one of my most fine virtues, but it’s very true. I want what I want when I want it. And lately, I’ve been longing for fall weather and fashion. There were a few days that were cool and perfectly fall. This weekend the temps were back in the 90s.
Sometimes beginnings take time. Sometimes instead of beginnings, we are still in the in between.

Investment Piece: In Between
Investment Piece: In Between

I went to one of my favorite sites to shoot (this amazing building with exposed brick and details that’s right on the water). It was a steak restaurant and is being turned into some other restaurant. The construction has started- as in there are fences up and they’ve clearly torn some things out. Other than being fenced off and I can’t shoot at all of it, it’s the same. A little different. But mainly the same.
Like many of us, it’s in between.

Which got me thinking about the weather–and how I would love to be showing you sweaters and coats–but can’t bear to be that warm yet.
And also made me think about where we are. In so many ways, we are in between. If you’re in the States, we’re in the middle of an election- between two candidates, two choices, two futures. While it’s “officially” fall, we’re still dealing with summer weather. And you may personally be in between, not where you were but not where you want to be–I know I am.
Being in between is both a little magical and a little frustrating. There’s this sense of not being on the right track,and yet at the same time, there is so much room to play.
What do we do in the in between? How can we use it to get to where we want to go?
Investment Piece: in Between
What I’m doing? Focusing on what I want, attempting to balance action and rest, talking to all the people about all my goals, and believing that if I buy enough sweaters, sweater weather will have no choice but to come.

This dress (and these shoes!) is a bit in between. It’s Sika’a and is African print. I love it- the mix of patterns, the off the shoulder (which you could pull up), the details. It’s a bit thicker than a summer dress, but not quite a winter dress. The pattern is both classic and fresh. It’s both fancy and a shirt dress. It’s in between. And it’s perfect for being in between.
(Sizing note: I’m a 0/2 in dresses. I got a UK10 as I wasn’t sure (and do have broader shoulders). It’s a little big but not TOO big!)

I also love these mesh shoes!

Investment Piece: in between

What do you do with all the in between we’re dealing with?

I’ve also linked other striped dresses and mesh shoes below for your shopping pleasure!

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Investment Piece: In Between

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