In Defense of Gift Cards

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Every year, I debate about whether or not to include gift cards (or my very impassioned defense of gift cards) in any of my discussions about gift giving and guides. People have opinions about gift cards.
For example:
Some of my family member think like that- hating to give cash or gift cards. And I have friends who think that gift cards are a lazy gift that show that you don’t care.

Beloveds, those people are wrong. I love gifts! And I love buying gifts for people! But, there’s nothing wrong with a gift card-in fact it’s one of the best gifts to get (in my opinion), which is why I keep including this discussion. The short of it of it is that so much of what I truly want, and don’t buy myself, is expensive. And gift cards are a way to “get” what I want from my loved ones, without blowing anyone’s budget. The long of it:

Gift cards usually come in a couple of different ways- a gift card to a store/spa/gym/restaurant that someone knows you love, or one of those “Visa” gift cards, which are basically just money. I love them both.

It’s one of my favorite things when someone pays attention enough to me to pick out something I love. But I also love the freedom and trust that comes when someone gives you the ability to buy yourself something or treat yourself to an experience. Even with wish lists, sharing with people what we love, we all have things that we’d rather just pick out ourselves, and a gift card lets you get yourself something guilt free.

Gift cards are a way to give someone a “thing”, but also freedom and trust. A way to let your loved ones indulge how and when they want to, they’re the gift that keeps giving.

Gift cards are also a way to let your loved ones think of you at least twice- when they get the card and when they use it!

I understand the hesitation to give gift cards, but I truly love them. They are a way to help someone save for something, get something personal, try something new, or just let them shop (which we all know I love!). There has never been a time when I got a gift card and hated it. I think they’re personal and thoughtful and all the best kinds of gifts. And this year (again!) gift cards to favorite small businesses and restuarants are incredibly great to give and get! Actually, with the supply chain issues, gift cards might be the best thing to give.

Think about the gift card. Don’t be afraid to give the gift card. It may just be the most thoughtful gift!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing gift guides based on what my family and friends want, and also a luxe gift guide (made of all the FANTASTIC things that may be a little bit of reach, but why shouldn’t we wish for all of that?). Maybe a gift card would satisfy all those lists!

Happy Gifting!

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