It’s the Transitions

Investment Piece: It's the Transitions
Investment Piece: It's the Transitions
Investment Piece: IT's the transitions
Investment Piece: It's the transitions
Investment Piece: It's the transitions

It’s the transitions that will drive you mad.

Ever heard that saying? For my money, I think it’s true. There’s magic in transitions, it’s also where the madness is. Yes, we could be talking about life stuff. But. It’s also VERY true about fashion.

It’s fall. And it’s been cold and windy and lovely. It’s also been hot. Just for good measure, it also has been freezing in the morning, windy, then hot in the afternoon, then cool again at night. Because no one might want to get used to the temperature.

I know at this point in the story, I’m supposed to tell you that the solution to this transition is layering. And yes. I love layering. Putting a shirt under a sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket you can take off can be a fashionable way to make it through the day.


Here’s the thing about layering. It can be bulky. And it involves changing throughout the day. We may still be getting to know each other, but when I’m given the option to change during the day, I go over board. Even just a regular day, I can leave the house with 3 “outfits” and at least 5 pairs of shoes. I can go from one to the next “layering”, and bringing bits of my closet with me everywhere.

I’ve been this way since I was 2. Ask my mom- she used to be in charge of carrying my “costume” changes, which often involved coats and leotards and red sparkly shoes.
Layering and costume changes are great. But what about when you need to pick a lane and stick to it?

Transition. Mix and match the seasons. And yes, that may mean that you’re wearing a leather skirt with sandals. Maybe it means a tank top and wool. But if the temperature can go from the 30s to the 70s, I think that we also have the right to bounce around.

The question that remains is : how do you transition? I’ve linked similar items to this outfit below, in my world it’s the perfect balance. But I would love to know what you’re transitioning in!


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