Long and Short of it

Investment Piece: Long and Short of it
Investment Piece: Long and Short of it
Investment Piece: Long and Short of it

Every piece we own has a story, and we can tell a story about everything. There’s usually a long version and a short version. I love stories, and I can tell you both versions of anything I own.

The short of it for this look? I challenged myself to think outside of the box for the holiday season (not everything has to be red), I found a designer I love (Johanna Ortiz) was doing a collab with H&M, and fell in love with this dress.

But, has anyone ever known me to leave a story at the short of it?

Investment Piece: Long and Short of it
Investment Piece: Long and Short of it
Investment Piece: Long and Short of it

The long of it:

I wouldn’t say that I hate it, but (as a blonde and someone who’s coloring is not prone to it) I have issues loving the color yellow. I can love it on other people, but not always on me. So when I find something I love that’s yellow, I’m always a little surprised. In Decemeber, I got to thinking about my holiday dress situation. I have a lot of them, and they are all loved. But. There was a recurring theme and them, and being who I am, I wanted different. Holidays can be anything we want them to be, so why not dress how we want?! I was determined to find a festive dress that wasn’t “traditional”.

Johanna Ortiz is from Colombia and when I heard that she was collabing with H&M, I got (maybe a little too) excited. Her pieces are vibrant and full of Ruffles and sometimes a bit out of my budget. This collab is a great chance to get a piece-the dresses are beautiful, the details are stunning, and you will inspire awe (there is more to come from this collab in March and I can’t wait!).

Festive as it was for the holidays (yes, I wore it to Christmas concerts), this print will serve me through spring and summer. A dress for all seasons? That’s a long and short of it I will take.

Investment Piece: long and short of it
Investment Piece: Long and short of it

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out some of these details: the buttons, the ties, the slits. While I’ve only worn this dress to events like Holdiay concerts and shoots, I dream of the stories I’ll tell in it at dinners and parties,and the stories I’ll tell of it of those nights.

What long and short stories do you have to share?

Investment Piece: Long and Short of it

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